You Fooled Me And Threw Me To The Wolves – Shaik


The one-time friend and financial adviser to President Jacob Zuma, Schabir Shaik has taken to the social media to express disappointment over what he referred to as false promises made by his friends.

The convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik who was popularly known for his close association with South African President Jacob Zuma during Zuma’s time as Deputy President, has taken to the his Facebook page to write a 1077-word post on Facebook in which he appeared to allude to his relationship with the president.

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In his note, Shaik recounted his close ties with those he called his friends and how they have rejected him, made false promises and  ridiculed him. To this, he said he would prefer staying with thieves in the prison than being among those in the real wold.

Part of his write-up reads:

“One of my most profound realizations dawned on me, in a dark mosquito infested prison cell. I realized the one single mark that separated men from the boys, it was INTEGRITY.

I found real honor amongst thieves in prisons, more than I found in the outside so-called real world. In politics and in business!!!

I failed dismally in this regard. I died went to hell then to heaven and returned back home the wiser.

This is what had pained me so deeply, once displaced my soul so further from me, left abandoned and alone …

What of that friendship said I, every night every waking day, those false promises, those Buddha smiles … Where are you my friendship now?”

Schabir Shaik, who was a South African business man from the Berea, Durban, was put on trial for fraud and corruption at the Durban High Court from 11 October 2004. During the course of the trial, Shaik admitted that he falsified his qualifications and business achievements.

Shaik was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment on each of the two counts of corruption, as well as 3 years on the count of fraud. It was this conviction that led to the dismissal of Zuma by Thabo Mbeki. But Shaik was granted parole on medical grounds in 2009 after his doctors told the medical parole advisory board that he was terminally ill.

Zuma and Shaik’s relationship was said to have ended when the ANC leader was inaugurated as president in May 2009. Before that, Zuma had publicly supported Shaik, even visiting him in prison a few times.

Shaik was reported to have lamented that the betrayal by President Zuma. He said he felt used and let down by Zuma, who was once a close friend.”Now that Shaik is a dried-up well, the Guptas are the flavor. I have been used and abused,” he said at the time.

However, Shaik has responded to his post on Facebook by saying “this message is not directed to anyone in particular but a reflection of friendships in general,” as comments on the post point to his alleged compilation of his explosive tell-all-book, a book set to detail his relationship with Zuma

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