You Are ‘Unpardonable’, Bishop Magaya Attacks President Mugabe


President Mugabe’s unjustifiable actions towards the abduction of activist cum journalist Itazi Dzamara has been very disheartening. Bishop Ancelimo Magaya, who is the director of Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD), an organisation that has been working on unifying political parties in the country, said that Mugabe’s “reluctance” to identify with the missing journalist family portrays how heartless he is.

Itazi Dzamara’s family organized a prayer to mark his 11th month of abduction on Tuesday. And the forthright Clergy did not the spare the president while speaking.

He said,

We bemoan and lament the fact that 11 months after Itai Dzamara was abducted, his whereabouts are still unknown and there is no trace of him and there is not an iota  of remorse on the part of President Mugabe and his colleagues.

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Bishop Magaya said,

There is no indication that they do regret and lament that under their leadership people still disappear and yet they are the custodians of the constitution; we are very sad to say that.

He thanked all Zimbabweans for standing by the family. He encouraged them to take their destinies by their hands and resist any form of intimidation.

Continuing, he said,

However, what we want to encourage Zimbabweans to do is that they need to be definers of their own destiny as I have always said; and this time around let it be registered that never again shall any Zimbabwean be abducted and we fold our hands; we must apply pressure.

Bishop Magaya, who heads Itai Dzamara Trust, said he will soon meet with Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa. He also hopes that he would be granted audience when he meets the vice president.

Last month, the wide-mouthed Pastor Patrick Mugadza paid a visit to Dzamara family, he prayed for the family and also wished for the safe return of the renowned journalist. 35-year-old Dzamara, according to a local barber was accused of cattle theft.

He was abducted on 9th March 2015 by suspected state security agents while having a haircut at a Glen View barbershop. He was there when five armed men took him and threw him into an unmarked vehicle. No news has been heard about him since then.

The journalist is an opposition supporter. He was the leader of a pro democracy movement known as “Occupy Africa Unity Square.” The aforementioned movement is campaigning for Mugabe’s resignation as Zimbabwe’s president. Itai Dzamara was abducted in March 2015 after leading series of peaceful protests against President Mugabe government’s “misrule.”

Pastor Patrick later visited the barbershop where Dzamara was abducted. Speaking to Journalists at the barbershop, Pastor Patrick said,

It is not a mermaid which took him, because he was nowhere near a river, neither was he mentally ill to the extent that we might believe that he went into the forest. He was taken by someone to wherever he is and we are saying that state should value human life.

Pastor ­Patrick said president Mugabe was being “used” by the “devil”. He said,

What is going on at the moment is that somebody is so much at work and that somebody is the devil. For example, you may have a hammer and a nail; they can stay together very well inside a tools box but the moment a carpenter comes in then there is war between the hammer and the nail and this is the reason we should pray for the nation.

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