Woman Miraculously Survives 50m Cliff Fall


A 50-year-old mentally ill Mpumalanga woman is currently recovering in a local hospital after surviving a 50m fall off a cliff near Goba village, Nkomazi.

Reports had it that she had the tragic fall while returning from a clinic on New Year’s Eve.

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According to the Lowveld Off Road Rescue Unit, the 50-year-old didn’t only miraculously survive the fall, she also spent two days trapped on a ledge before she was rescued.

The unit’s operations manager, Danie Theron explained to reporters: “In the afternoon, we received a call alerting us to a woman trapped on a cliff face. We’re not sure how exactly she fell down the cliff, but she apparently had issues with her mental health.

“It’s miraculous that she survived the fall near Goba village, and was very lucky that she ended up on a small ledge, instead of falling further down the mountain.”

It is understood that the woman was brought out safely after the team got to about 6m below the ledge, before climbing up the cliff and setting up a rope system.

After her rescue, it was found she had a broken elbow, an injury to the back of her head, and was severely dehydrated.

Mpumalanga health department spokesperson Christopher Nobela expressed gratitude to the rescue team for responding on time and saving the life of the woman.

“Unfortunately, the fact that she is a psychiatric patient means that it’s difficult to establish from her exactly how she fell off the cliff. We are just thankful that she survived,” Nobela said.

Earlier this week, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), announced it responded to 37 fatal drownings involving 23 adults and 14 children.

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“In this period we responded to 37 fatal drownings (23 adults and 14 children)… While the majority of the drownings are attributed to drownings in the sea due to rip currents, some fatalities were from suspected medical causes and others were fatal drowning accidents in fresh water (lagoons, swimming pools, rivers, lakes and dams) or accidents around water,” NSRI said in a statement.

The organization warned people to swim only when lifeguards are around and urged parents to always keep an eye on their children whenever they visit beaches.