Malema – “Without The Land, We’re Nothing!”


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lord, Julius Malema had a word-battle with Clem Sunter at the Cape Sun in a debate on economy organised by the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry. While the EFF leader argued that land is central to the economic freedom of a huge population of South Africa, his opponent pointed out that the nation’s economy is doomed if state-owned entities are nationalized.

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Insisting that the economic emancipation for all South Africans is achievable only when land is redistributed without the current owners being compensated, Malema emphasized that it’s not cool for 80% of South Africa’s land to be owned by whites whereas 80% of South Africa’s population are blacks.

Reacting to Malema’s stance, a woman at the event was applauded when she called on the EFF king to quit talking about land as he’s unfit to wail about land dispossession. According to her, only the Khoisan have the right to talk about land.

“The Khoisan is the only authoritative voice which can talk about land. Mr Malema, you have no authority to talk about land,” the woman stated.

She further buttressed that the Khoisan were the first freedom fighters as they were the ones that battled the colonials when the first settled in South Africa.

“We were the first people of this nation. We were the first people of southern Africa and we still face oppression. We lived here and you, your ancestors, and the white ancestors found us here. Only we can talk about land ownership,” the woman declared.

In response, Malema informed the woman that she was “extremely missing a point, and inviting self-isolation”. He explained that the land and Africa at large was one and was only divided by the colonialists.

“Me and you are Africans and this land you are referring to and the whole of Africa was one thing until the colonialists came to divide us. So you must never see yourself as being something different from what I am. I’m not from Europe, my ancestors are not from Europe. This Africa belongs to Africans and that’s what the Khoisan are.”

To that, the EFF leader added thus;

We have to talk to one another; as uncomfortable as it may be. That is Madiba’s legacy, the ability to talk to those you disagree with…Without the land, we have noting! With the land, you have everything

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