Why Is Everyone Excited? Zuma Will Never Debate The DA Leader In Public


This is probably why a lot of people despise politicians. No matter how charismatic they are, and how much you expect some of them to be sensible and different from others, they’ll turn out a disappointment someday by doing what you never expect them to do like asking for something they know they can’t have.

The person you may regard as the “Obama of South Africa”, is guilty of this fault. He challenged the President to a public debate on his Facebook page. That’s absolutely alright, but this is South Africa, and Zuma is the president so the DA leader ought to know that he’s asking for something that will never happen. If that’s the case, isn’t our “Obama” an attention seeking buddy? If not, then he’s moderately ignorant of how to “stand up against President Zuma” as he vowed.

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The DA leader once stated that he’ll be leading his party to liberate South Africa. “Like we stood up against apartheid, we will stand up against this government, which is bent on practicing some of the tactics used by the National Party government,” he said. The man has however, suggested to those looking up to him that he’s clueless about how best to stand up against the Zuma party when he made the below post.

I am today challenging President Zuma to a public debate on the state of our economy, rampant unemployment and corruption, where the President can explain to the people of South Africa why he continues to fail South Africa by allowing our economy to degenerate.

President Zuma must answer to the nation why he saw it fit to fire Minister Nhlanhla Nene, who despite constant negative pressure sought to give South Africa’s economy positive direction.

Yes, we’ve agreed that Zuma is responsible for the many unpleasant conditions of the country. But trying to get him to account for those ugly conditions by simply demanding a public debate with him via a Facebook page is simply a childish, ridiculous and trivial effort. Zuma isn’t stupid, he’ll not even regard the challenge. At best, he’ll laugh at the ordinary political effort.

However, it’s good that Mmusi Maimane’s post generated a lot of buzz. It has already generated about 15,000 likes, over 8,000 shares and 1,300 comments. With some of the comments offering a better idea to the DA leader on how to go about the agenda of standing up against Zuma.

For instance, Nhlakanipho Cele commented that his…

political strategy would be to now intensify the campaign for local government election to have the ANC removed, put the money to good use and go to the communities and tell them why Mr Zuma and the ANC government is no longer capable of leading this country.”

Philip Harris similarly stated;

It’s time for the DA to start rolling mass action. Use the ANC’s tactics of civil disobedience against them. There is no point in challenging Zuma to a debate, he would never agree to it. Mr Maimane, you need to get into the townships and rural areas and explain to the ANC supporters there what Zuma is doing to this country and how it is going to affect them.

Busani Luke Biggy Dlamini advised Mmusi to go learn politics from the EFF leader, he said;

…I think you could learn a few things about South African politics from Julius Malema. Zuma isn’t interested in debates, heck, he isn’t even interested in discussions (parliament). Zuma thinks he is running a spaza shop

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