Who’s The World’s Most Paid President With The Worst Performing Economy?


All hail the president! Long live Zuma, who’s officially the most paid president with the worst performing economy in the world. All ye South Africans, take off your hats and give three hearty cheers to our president, who does not only earn so much to ruin our country, but is as well, the fearless president who isn’t scared to tell us what he really thinks about us. The president recently literally said “screw South Africa, I’m all in for ANC”.According to him, “my organisation, the ANC, comes first.”

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We really have a unique leader. Presidents will usually watch their statements if their country is buzzing with news analysis about how much they earn and the insignificant little they contribute to the economy of their nation. But not our president, not Zuma. He’s fearless and clearly doesn’t give a damn what the allegations about him are. I did say I respect that, but then, who would care when a good majority of the mothers in the country will storm the street to demand the president’s dignity? That alone will embolden the biggest coward of any history.

In the aforementioned news analysis about the earnings of the president and his contribution to the economy which originated from BizNews, the top earning presidents of the world where analysed in terms of their salaries and the size of the economy they run. The analysis tried to find out how many dollars each of the top earning presidents is paid for every $1bn of their national Gross Domestic Product. The earnings of the top leaders of the world as found in CNN Money, and the size of their country’s GDP with the amount each president earns for each $1bn GDP as presented by BizNews are summed up in the table below.

Position Country Name Amount In USD GDP in $bn USD Earned Per $1bn GDP
1st USA Barrack Obama $400,000 17,348 23.06
2nd Canada Stephen Harper $260,000 1,785 145.66
3rd Germany Angela Merkel $234,400 3,874 60.51
4th South Africa Jacob Zuma $223,500 350 638.57
5th United Kingdom David Cameron $214,800 2,950 72.81
6th Japan Shinzo Abe $202,700 4,602 44.05
7th France Francois Hollande $194,300 2,833 68.58
8th Russia Vladimir Putin $136,000 1,860 73.12
9th Italy Matteo Renzi $124,600 2,147 58.03
10th Brazil Dilma Rousseff $120,000 2,346 51.15
11th India Narendra Modi $30,000 2,051 14.77
12th China Xi Jinping $22,000 10,356 2.12

The table shows that South Africa’s Jacob Zuma is ranked fourth with an overall $223 500 yearly pay. But more than that, his country has the least GDP of just $350bn. That’s not all, the lowest GDP attracts $638.57 for every $1bn of the GDP more than that of any of the other listed nations. Thereby crowning Zuma as the world’s most paid president with the worst performing economy.

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But that doesn’t bug the president a bit for to him, he’s only accountable to the ANC. Little wonder he remarked that he once argued “with someone who said the country comes first and I said…my organization, the ANC, comes first.” The president further argued that if South Africans were not part of the ANC, and that there was no ANC, the masses would be oppressed forever. “The people without a revolutionary organisation, they can be in trouble, like many who have been in trouble.” He intoned.

The DA reacting, reckoned that Zuma “should be deeply ashamed of his comments” as it is “unbecoming of a President who has sworn an oath to be faithful to the Republic of South Africa” to make such comments. The party insisted that “President Zuma should retract – and apologise – for this statement immediately. It is an insult to every single South African, a violation of his oath of office, and cannot be left unchallenged.”