Who Is Thami Ndlala, Lerato Kganyago’s Husband?

Thami Ndlala is a South African billionaire businessman and serial entrepreneur best known for his marriage to the TV personality and former Miss Soweto Lerato Kganyago. Their union topped the headlines as they had a colorful traditional wedding that caught attention on social media in March 2020.

However, barely two months after their beautiful marriage ceremony that took place in their home in North Johannesburg, Lerato announced that they are not together anymore. The revelation made by the media personality on the 14th of May 2020 on her Instagram account sparked controversy a debate on social media. Let’s meet the man who is marrying Lerato Kganyago for the second time.

A Quick Profile Summary of Thami Ndlala

  • Name: Thami Ndlala
  • Year of Birth: 1980
  • Place of Birth: Mpumalanga Province
  • Profession: Businessman
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: None
  • Current Relationship Status: Engaged

Thami Ndlala Has Mulitple Businesses Which Funds His R1 Billion Net Worth

While the specifics of Thami Ndlala’s date of birth are unknown, what is known though is that he was born in 1980 to Chief Joe Ndlala, a social worker who gained popularity in Mpumalanga. Thami gained admission into the university where he was scheduled to study International Business Studies so as to attain a BSc. However, he did not see this through as he quit mid-way and instead went into the luxury transport business.

Soon after, Thami Ndlala founded Two Ndlala Brothers. He also established The Joe Ndlala Charity Foundation in memory of his father Chief Joe Ndlala after the passing of the popular social worker. Currently, Thami Ndlala’s estimated net worth is roughly about R1 billion. He owns and runs a number of businesses and investments that keep his account balance pretty sizeable.

Thami Ndala

He also owns Ndlala Holdings which is basically an asset acquisition company. The company also handles development, project management, as well as business consultancy for its plethora of clients. Andoratha is another brainchild of the South African billionaire and business tycoon. The company is geared towards enriching lives by improving the quality of health of workers across South Africa while simultaneously grooming effective and efficient social and health care workers.

Thami Ndlala holds a Master’s degree in business administration. He has established himself as one of South Africa’s leading businessmen and has contributed his fair share to the development of Mzansi. He lives an opulent lifestyle and has quite an eye for the good things of life.

Thami Ndlala and Lerato Kganyago Got Married In 2020

2020 saw the advent of the world’s deadliest virus yet, the COVID-19, however, all the viruses in the world could not keep Thami Ndlala and Lerato Kganyago from tying the knot as they decided to get married on the 23rd of March in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown. The families of Ndlala and Kganyago observed some marriage rites deeply rooted in South African culture before the traditional wedding. Amongst this was the payment of the lobola which on its receipt and acceptance by the bride’s family follows with the official handing over of the bride to the groom.

Social media was agog with the marriage ceremony of Thami Ndlala and Lerato Kganyago with pictures surfacing online later showing the presence of superstars and South African celebrities at the all traditional star-studded wedding. Celebrities like Mohale Motaung, Somizi Mhlongo, Dineo Ranaka, and a host of others were in attendance, all sporting beautiful traditional attires.

After the traditional marriage and fulfillment of traditional rites, Thami and Lerato lived together at their beautiful suburban Sandhurst home in the South African capital of Johannesburg.

The Union Lasted For About Two Months Before They Went Their Separate Ways

For a lot of people, the fairy tale romance and eventual wedding between Thami Ndlala and Lerato Kganyago seemed just too good to be true and too wonder-filled to last. However, as much as skeptics had insinuated the eventual end of the union, absolutely no one ever saw the end coming just two months later! Less than 60 days after the lobola was paid, the marriage was off, taking its place as the shortest union in South Africa’s long history. Quite a record!

The DJ cum radio and TV presenter, Lerato Kganyago, disclosed the end of her marriage and her eventual separation from Thami Ndlala via her official Instagram account. While Lerato did not shed light on the reason for the breakdown of the marriage, a lot of persons have taken to social media, citing the fraudulent lifestyle of Thami as the reason for the end of the marriage.

Kganyago also revealed that she had left their Sandhurst home blaming the breakdown of the marriage on different priorities and workloads on both her and Thami’s part which did not leave them ample time to invest properly in building their relationship as a couple. She went on to explain that this made them rethink things and they both mutually agreed to do the easier thing and pull out of the marriage. The South African media personality stated that they would still care deeply for each other as individuals and would take time to invest in their friendship.

The Once Estranged Couple Got Re-engaged

A shocking revelation recently swept over social media again getting all lovers of love and romance excited and giddy. Happenings in the relationship between Thami and Lerato have been brought to light via Twitter, all thanks to Lerato Kganyago’s surprise birthday party, organized by none other than Thami himself. This actually proved that the couple indeed took time to invest in their friendship after their divorce, as not only were the divorced couple cordial, but their friendship seemed to have blossomed as the pictures showed, much to the shock and delight of fans of the couple.

As steady updates kept flowing, the ‘surprise birthday’ party quickly morphed into a surprise second engagement, giving fans an insight into what had been going on with the couple behind the scenes, as Thami prepared a lavish set up from the top of the stairs at their suburban home to the bottom, written on each step of the stairs was a quality Lerato possessed which Thami had come to love, and as Lerato descended, each step revealed another and another and another, and on the landing of the final step the question “Will You Marry Me A Second Time?” is boldly written.

Of course, only a crazy person would say no to such an elaborate show of love, and Lerato Kganyago is not crazy, as she would prove later that day when she uploaded a picture on Twitter where she was seen rocking a huge rock on her fingers. The pair seems to have found happiness in each other a second time, and while there is no official date for the wedding, congratulations are in line.

Thami Ndlala Had A Val Day Dinner With Lerato Kganyago In The Middle Of An Empty Stadium

Neither Thami Ndlala nor his then-girlfriend, Lerato Kganyago gave the press any details on their relationship before marriage. The hauntingly beautiful DJ, entrepreneur, and media sensation did not have a long and drawn-out relationship with the astute businessman before they tied the knot. However, what they did not have in the quantity of time together, they sure made up for in quality as Thami never failed to pull out all the stops every now and then to show Lerato that she was the love of his life.

On Valentine’s Day 2021, Thami reportedly rented every square inch of the FNB Stadium just to have a lovely dinner with Lerato – in the middle of the pitch. The pair had a candle-lit dinner surrounded by love, romance, and red roses with popular South African musician and famous soul singer, Zonke Dikana, performing live for the couple.

While Thami Ndlala does not seem to be Lerato Kganyago’s only relationship, as she was reported to previously have been involved with South African star, footballer Katlego Mashego, as well as Naked DJ (although the latter and Lerato, came out to state publicly that it was all jokes), Thami clearly set a standard and made a huge impression with Miss Kganyago.

Lerato has gone on to disclose that she used to be in a relationship with an undisclosed person for 4 years, and during the course of the relationship, all expenses were made on her own budget as she was never treated nicely or made to feel special before the relationship ended. Clearly, it’s a different story for the former beauty queen as Thami broke records to keep a smile on her face.

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