Who Is Sindi Dlathu’s Twin Sister?

Sindi Dlathu’s twin sister is Zanele Sangweni. She works as a nurse and is married to Matome Meela, a Soweto-based businessman.

Zanele and her husband had a civil marriage in October 2016 after being together for 17 years. Unlike her twin sister Sindi, Zanele keeps to herself and stays away from the limelight.

Who is Zanele Sangweni?

Zanele Sangweni is the twin sister of seasoned actress Sindi Dlathu. The two are very identical that one can hardly tell them apart. With the former Muvhango star being a private person, it wasn’t known to the public that she has an identical twin sister.

Sindi Dlathu hardly shares her personal life with her fans, so when she posted pictures of herself and her twin sister, Zanele Sangweni, it was a big surprise to many people. Nevertheless, her fans were happy that she decided to share part of her personal life with them.

How Old is Zanele Sangweni?

Sindi Dlathu’s twin sister, Zanele Sangweni, was born on January 4th, 1974, in Meadowlands, a suburb of Soweto in Gauteng province. Though the twins were born on the same day, Zanele is older than her sister as she arrived into the world before her. Zanele Sangweni and Sindi Dlathu are presently 50 years old.

The two grew up together in their grandmother’s house in Meadows. Their childhood years were fun as they were surrounded by many family members, including sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Interestingly, everyone in their household was musically inclined at the time.

As such, whenever one of their uncles started playing the guitar, someone in the house would join in the song. Before long, everyone in the house would start singing, and the house would erupt into a song. No wonder Sindi Dlathu became a singer. Obviously, her childhood experiences influenced her career choice.

Is Sindi Dlathu’s Twin Sister an Actress?

Sindi Dalthu’s twin sister, Zenele Sangweni, is not an actress but a nurse. She once relocated to the United Kingdom with her husband to work there as a nurse. Despite not working in the same career field, Sindi and Zanele are very fond of each other. From The River actress’ social media posts, it can be noticed that the sisters share an unbreakable bond.

Even though Zanele’s interest is not in showbiz, there’s another Dlathu sibling who is gradually making waves in the film industry. Zanele and Sindi Dlathu’s younger sister, Tina Dlathu, joined the 1Magic drama series, The River, in May 2022. She made her debut the next month as Kwezi Hlope, the youngest child of a wealthy heist king, Bukhosi Hlophe (played by Bheki Mkhwane).

Besides acting, Tina works as a digital content creator. On the other hand, Zanele’s twin sister is well-known in the country for playing the lead role of Nomthandazo Buthelezi in Muvhango from 1997 to 2017, as well as her villainous role of Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana in The River from 2018. She also works as the co-executive producer of the drama series.

Zanele Sangweni Has Been Together With Her Husband For Over Two Decades

Zanele Sangweni met her husband, Matome Meela, in Soweto in 1999. The moment the businessman set his eyes on her, he knew she would be his wife. Soon after, they started dating. After a 17-year-long relationship, the couple exchanged marital vows on October 22nd, 2016.

The wedding, celebrated at the Dlamini community hall in Soweto, was star-studded as many of Sindi Dlathu’s colleagues graced the event. They include the late Joe Mafela and Dumisani Dlamini. Zanele Sangweni’s husband, Matome Meela, owns a pawn shop in Soweto and also deals in used cars.

During the event, Meela thanked his wife’s family for being patient with him and allowing him to marry their daughter. He said he had been planning for their big day for a long time as he wanted to ensure his wife and children were happy. Zanele and her husband already had three children before solemnizing their union.

While the couple’s first child was born in 2006, their second child arrived in 2010, and the third in 2014.

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