Who Dug Up The #KellyAnnWade’s “Apes Have More Intelligence Than Zuma” Racist Post?


It’s a pity the new year has already taken on the wrong racist route. Our hopes were high when we waited for 2016, we expected the year to be better. But then, the year came to us bringing our biggest undoing to us. Certain individuals started making careless statements, stirring racial strives. And as though that wasn’t enough, South Africans are digging up other racist utterances that have hitherto stayed buried. Nevertheless, lets look on the positive side of the whole racist issues springing up as an opportunity to deal with the issue once and for all.

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The latest racist issue buzzing around is about one former agent of Pam Golding Properties who described our president, Jacob Zuma, as being identical to a gorilla. According to reports, the Facebook posts were made in June and December last year, but started circulating on Twitter yesterday, spreading with #KellyAnnWade and subsequently, leading to demands for Pam Golding to comment on the issue.

Reporting this event, News24 related that “Pam Golding Properties has said it will not tolerate any form of racism from its employees.” The estate agency stressed that it does not condone racism or discrimination in whatever form, and wouldn’t hesitate to take strong actions against any employee or agent who conducts themselves in a racist manner. Thus, the company distanced itself from Wade stating that she was last employed by them in 2008 for a brief period. “She has had no further association with Pam Golding Properties since 2008 in this or any other employment capacity,” the company stated.

Wade who reported herself on her Facebook account as a former selling agent at Pam Golding Properties in Alberton, reportedly posted a picture of president Zuma on Facebook with a caption that says “Apes Even Have More Intelligence Than Him!!!” on 18th June 2015. Then again, six months later, she posted a picture of the president alongside a gorilla with a caption saying; “Identical Twins”. The pictures in question are as shown below.

Kelly Ann Wade racist Posts

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