White Racists Say Apartheid Wasn’t A Crime Against Humanity


Before I proceed, let me come clean. My color is irrelevant for I do not believe in the superiority of a race over another. I am a South African, and I want to simply be identified as such without the description of my skin color preceding my nationality. I hate apartheid, and I hate hypocrisy. But I love my nation and really hope its deterioration will cease. So, I will say things the way they really are. I will be blunt and disrespectful. Nevertheless, I will be truthful.

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First, and foremost, it was outrageous and offensive when only 53% of whites who took part in a survey agreed with the statement that apartheid was a crime against humanity. What were the other 47% really thinking? Why did they disagree with the statement? What other reason could make one disagree with such statement apart from the conviction that a human with a white sink is and should be superior to those with dark skin? These questions are simply saying that many white South Africans are racist. Yes, they are. They still crave to be recognized as persons of prime importance ordained to be supreme and situated to have power over all others.

If such a huge sample of white South Africans believed apartheid is no crime, should we be surprised that black South Africans are less willing to endorse a white candidate for the presidency even when they have suffered gravely from the epileptic governance of the black party (ANC)?

Well, the whites that agreed apartheid is not a crime should agree with the statements below if they really believe they are not bigots.

  1.  The ANC government is not rotten and ridden with fraud and corruption.
  2. “Kill the Boer” song is not worrisome.
  3. The problem of violence in South Africa is not predominately, a black violence problem,
  4.  And the said black violence problem do not threaten the future of whites in South Africans.
  5. The multitude of white farmers killed by blacks in South Africa is not a crime.
  6. To violently, rape, torture, and murder whites by skinning and scalping them, eviscerating them, burning them, tying them up with barbed-wire, using the most unthinkably sadistic methods is no crime
  7. There was never a concerted effort to instigate violence against whites with the specific purpose of wiping them out and taking everything they own in South Africa
  8. Corrective rape to cure lesbians of their ‘Un-African’ predilection, raping children, babies and toddlers as a “cure for HIV/AIDS”, raping as “a right” and “a form of male bonding” prevalent among black South Africans is not a crime against humanity
  9. There are no poor whites in South Africa. Whites are never mistreated by their employers, whites are never underpaid, abused or fired by their employers in South Africa.
  10. Many blacks do not continuously play the victims of racial abuse instead of recognizing their responsibilities to the society
  11. Blacks don’t have a serious problem that only they themselves can deal with, and will cease to suffer even black on black violence if all whites were to be driven from South Africa.

Any white South African who believes apartheid wasn’t a crime should equally agree with the statements above. Disagreeing with any of those statements is a re-affirmation that you’re a racist. On the other hand, those statements are indications that black South Africans in a way or the other, constitute a major portion of the distress in South Africa.

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