Western Cape ANC Tells Aggrieved Members To Stay Off Facebook


The Western Cape ANC has told their aggrieved members to stay off Facebook following the aftermath of a fallout over its troubled leadership.

“Desist!” acting chairperson in the province, Khaya Magaxa told them after Marius Fransman decided to complain about the way he was being treated while a sexual assault charge laid against him was being investigated on Facebook.

Magaxa added that if any ANC member had a problem they should take it straight to the party and discuss it, and not wash their dirty linen in public by splashing it all over Facebook for their friends and foes to see.

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Fransman, who was the chairperson of the party in the province was accused by a woman of sexual assault on the way to the ANC’s anniversary celebration in Rustenburg in January.

The Western Cape ANC said he had been asked to step aside while its integrity committee and law enforcement officials dealt with the complaint, but Fransman posted on Facebook that he was not told anything rather he only got to know about his temporary removal from the media.

He complained about receiving different treatment compared to fellow provincial executive committee member, Andile Lili, who got convicted of contravening the Civil Aviation Act when he dumped poo inside a terminal at the Cape Town International Airport.

The ANC is trying to set their records straight to get itself ready to win back the only province it does not have a majority in when the elections begin.

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Helen Zille who is the Western Cape Premier used the chaos in the Western Cape ANC to her advantage during her reply to the State of the Province address.

Earlier this week in the legislature she taunted the Western Cape ANC members with the question: “Where’s Marius?” as Magaxa took over as acting leader of the party.

“Whatever I say today can’t do them nearly as much harm as they are doing to themselves,” she added.

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