Western Cape ANC Suspends Member Who Allegedly Provoked Protests


The Western Cape ANC has suspended one of the party’s members who allegedly provoked the Cape Town violent protests that led to the burning of two Golden Arrow buses on the N2 on Wednesday.

However, the name of the suspended member was not disclosed by the Western Cape ANC, but the party vowed to subject the member to a disciplinary process for the misconduct.

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According to a statement made by the Western cape ANC on Thursday‚ the party expected exemplary and high level discipline from its members and nothing less than that.

In the statement that revealed the betrayal, provincial secretary‚ Faiez Jacobs said the member was quoted as saying: ”We are going to continue to make the N2 chaotic and unstable.”

Jacobs added that the member had brought shame upon the party, warning that the party would not allow members “to hold the ANC to ransom’’.

“We find these particular utterances irresponsible‚ reckless and bordering on inciting violence‚” said Jacobs.

Other members of the party will also be investigated to ascertain the level of their involvement in the protests that have threatened to rewrite the story of the ruling party by dragging their prestigious name through the mud.

Just as residents of Tshwane were still trying to recover from a recent ANC protests over candidate list, Cape Town residents took to the streets on Wednesday night to protest ANC election candidate list.

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As residents of the Barcelona informal settlement took their anger over the African National Congress’ election candidate lists onto the freeway last night, two Golden Arrow buses were set ablaze on Cape Town’s N2 highway.

The angry protesters also stoned vehicles and blocked the road. Police officers were deployed to the area after the protest violence and so far, the situation has been brought under control as city of Cape Town’s JP Smith says.

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