We’ll Soon Get To Know All The Teachers Who Abused Our Children


This will probably curtail the numerous negative news of all the evil deeds teachers in South Africa are guilty of. There are reports revealing that as we approach the end of this year, the South African Council of Educators (SACE) will publish the identity of all the teachers who’re guilty of various offences ranging from sexual abuse and misconduct involving minors to excessive corporal punishment.

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The name, ID numbers and school where the guilty teachers last worked, according to SACE, will be made public on it’s website by the end of 2015 in order to protect children in schools. To that end, guilty teachers will either be completely  forbidden from the profession or banned for some years depending on the nature of their offenses.

In line with protecting children in schools, SACE CEO Raj Brijraj, pointed out that making the publication will ensure that it’s impossible for prohibited teachers to re-enter the system. “It does happen that some of these educators sneak back into the profession through either governing body posts or they find a quiet and independent school somewhere and then our learners are at risk again.”

Teachers who were banned for some years can apply to re-enter the profession after the period they were sanctioned to stay away elapses. They however, must go through a thorough examination process which entails gathering evidences and speaking to referees to ascertain whether they are eligible to teach again. “The council will set up a panel and have a hearing to see if the teacher is fit and proper,” He said.

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Meanwhile, a major change is set to hit the profession in South Africa as teachers will be required to go through one year induction before they receive their professional registration. Brijraj reportedly informed reporters in Centurion about the changes recently when he remarked that “teachers are not having the correct profile to become teachers.” With that, he stated that “it is only through a probationary test period we would know that a teacher… would be suitable for teaching.”

The induction year which is a move to guarantee the introduction of qualified teachers into the system is likely to kick off in 2017. Brijraj said SACE “cannot foresee it being implemented next year because of the preparations that would be required. We think it’s going to take this year and a bit of next year to finalize…The modalities of the induction year are still being worked out.”

Considering that schools are legally required to hire teachers who are registered with the council, the news is positive as it will protect the students and as well boost the quality of education.

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