We Wont Take SABC Chair’s Insult Lightly, says Mthembu


The rift between the ruling ANC and the nation’s broadcasting corporation gets deeper as the party’s communications subcommittee‚ Jackson Mthembu accused the broadcaster’s chairman‚ Mbulaheni Maguvhe‚ of “insulting” the governing party.

SABC’s Chair, Professor Mbulaheni Maguvhe came under fire after claiming that one of the strong members of the ruling party is behind the crisis that has rocked the corporation in the recent months.

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Professor Mbulaheni Maguvhe, accused party members of having ulterior motives behind criticising its current leadership and editorial decisions.

Maguvhe’s comment was then pursued by the ANC  ordering him to  reveal who in the party wants to see the SABC destroyed, and whose business would benefit from the SABC’s downfall.

Mthembu in particular categorically denied having any business interest in the dealings of the broadcasters.

Mthembu also noted the ANC had thought people at the broadcaster “would at least listen, take a step back and correct what is obviously wrong. We were mistaken!”

“The unfortunate comments of the #SABC board chairperson on the censorship matter is very revealing indeed, the less said about them…,”  Mthembu said.

Speaking on Thursday, Mthembu noted that the chairman’s comments were unfortunate‚ and insisted that the ANC was not changing its stance on the questionable editorial decisions‚ calling it censorship.

“From everything I’ve heard from the SABC, from their spokesperson, from the very unfortunate comments from the chair of the board, who even insulted the ANC, we have no reason we must change what we have been saying.

“Our policies have been contravened and the rights of people of SA to be properly informed are also being contravened,” Mthembu said.

Mthembu says it seems that the ruling party and the public broadcaster are at the point of “parting ways”.

“I think a divorce is the best thing that can happen at this time…”

SABC Ban On Violent protest infringes SA Rights

He however, maintained that the SABC’s broadcast ban on violent protest s of South Africans and amounts to censorship.

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“We are saying to the SABC that they are wrong… They can’t use the public broadcaster to show the middle finger to the people of South Africa.

In addition to this, the Helen Suzman foundation (HSF) who called on  SABC to suspend its “policy and practice not to cover violent and other protests, as well as relief preventing the SABC from adopting or implementing any censorship policy which would be contrary to the mandate of the public broadcaster.