“We Will Not Be Monitored By White Boys” – EFF


Many of us are unhappy with Zuma and his ANC. True, South Africa has deteriorated under the watch of the president with little education, and we’ve long agreed that ANC is cancerous, and has spread destructively all over the country. Albeit, many South Africans have insisted the EFF will deal much more harm to the country than the ANC.

To them, if the nation is doomed with the ANC as the ruling party, we can as well completely forget about South Africa if the EFF will ever get to lead the country. The presumption is readily backed up with instances that indicate the EFF has only caused and created more unrest and trouble for the nation since it emergence as an opposing political party. Such instances ranges from the party’s unending demand for Whites to relinquish what they own and  be dispossessed of lands, the calls for ridding the country of its Afrikaans heritage, to such instances the party took upon itself the judicatory function of the nation.

The EFF recently gave those South Africans who can’t relate anything good with the party, another reason to strengthen their convictions about the party when her MP, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi declared at the National Assembly that he “will not be monitored by a white boy.

As it happened, DA’s Dean Macpherson called for order, indicating that Ndlozi was not voting from his own seat during a vote on the budget review and recommendation report for the department of arts and culture. The EFF MP was siting in the front row where the party’s leader and Chief whip are usually seated. Reacting, Ndlozi rose, pointed at Macpherson and professed; “I will not be monitored by a white boy.” 

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Like expected, the DA Chief whip John Steenhuisen requested of the presiding officer, Thoko Didiza to rule Ndlozi remark out-of-order as racial expletive are not allowed in the assembly. Complying, Didiza asked Ndlozi to take back his comment. Ndlozi refused, arguing that Didiza was infringing on his right to freedom of speech. The EFF Mp challenged the presiding officer to name the person he was addressing in his remark, and recommended his remark be treated as a general one when she refused to name anybody, claiming that the rules prohibiting racial epithets in the chamber didn’t prohibit generalizations.

“It was a generalization” he argued and again remarked “we will not be monitored by white boys. Nobody in the EFF will allow themselves to be told where to sit by white boys.”

Didiza then asked Ndlozi to leave the house as he isn’t willing to withdraw his statement. Ndlozi refused and the presiding officer had no other option but to order his forceful removal from the house.

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