‘We Can Work Together To Fight The Cancer Called Corruption In SA’ – Mashaba


Johannesburg’s mayoral candidate for the Democratic Alliance Herman Mashaba said he would be happy to see South Africans working together in unity to fight corruption that has now become a leach in the country’s system.

The candidate who was speaking in Alexandra yesterday, said he believes South Africans can stand up against corruption which he referred to as ‘a cancer’ and all corrupt officials that has led to the nation’s poor service delivery and jobs. “Corruption, without any doubt, is going to be pubic enemy number one. he pointed out.

Mashaba has also highlighted the importance of public servants in South Africa. He believes creating a culture where every person in the country is taken into consideration will make South Africa a better place.

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Mashaba, who is a businessman cum politician who believes he is fit to be the Mayor of Johannessburg has however been faced with lots of criticisms from opposition parties who think he would run the city with selfish interest.

But Mashaba has pledged to play a very good role in changing  Johannesburg into a “city of golden opportunities”

“Our 2021 vision is to see Johannesburg as Africa’s leading business and cultural capital, thriving at creating jobs and delivering superior services. Arising out of this is the fact that South Africa’s moribund economy cannot be turned around unless Johannesburg’s economy is revived” he stated on daily maverick. 

However, the mayoral candidate has also urged the citizens to give him the chance to showcase his great plans for the city and that they can vote him out if they see he was not performing as expected.

“If I don’t deliver on these promises after I have been elected, please vote me out,” he pleaded during his campaign launch at the impoverished Alexandra township near Sandton on Saturday.

Mashaba also lashed out at those who used their proximity to government to get rich at the expense of the poor citizens who are getting poorer. He said these were part of the things drawing the country backward. Endearing himself to the supporters by invoking his difficult upbringing, he said;

 The current of corruption and bad governance is pulling us backwards.

I’ve entered the race of my life because I love this city and because I’ve seen how opportunity changes lives. It is deeply personal. I know that opportunity is the difference between hope and fear, life and death.

Mashaba continued to articulate his promises to better the lives of Joburg citizens by creating jobs and giving support to small businesses. “If Johannesburg is great, South Africa is great ” he noted.

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