Watch: This Cucumber Rap Song Will Make You Fall In Love


For those who seem not to love eating cucumber, this rap song for the widely cultivated plant will make you change your mind, and for those who love eating the vegetable, I bet you will be drowned in love for after you are done with this video.

A British reggae artist Macka B who loves cucumbers so much coined a rap song he called a cucumber remix.

The rap song talks about the health benefits of eating cucumbers. He talked about the role the vegetable plays to our skin, eradicating mouth odour, and as antioxidant.

“Cucumba, vitamins, minerals very high number. Silica, hair and nails get longer. Other vitamins make your bones them stronger”.

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He then adds how it can make you look younger.

“Anti-wrinkle make you younger. 95% water, kidney cleanser, great hydration, detox, fiber, good regulator.
“Give your body good things. Don’t be a traitor. Get the cucumber, cut it into slices, put it in a jug of water overnight. You know what you get for a fraction of the price? Energy drink full of electrolytes.”

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No doubt, cucumber has numerous benefit for human health. The vegetable is one of the most widely used vegetables in the world’s traditional diets as well as spas and this is because they are good for the health.

Some of the Health Benefits of Cucumber includes:

  • Cucumbers are 95.2 percent water, which means that a 5-ounce serving contains 4.8 ounces or 150 ml water. That’s already about 26 percent of the water we take through food.
  • Cucumbers contain potassium (152mg per cup), which can help lower blood pressure. Research shows that a higher intake of potassium helps to lower rates of stroke and might also reduce the risk of total cardiovascular disease.”
  • Cucumber has a high content of several antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta-carotene and manganese, as well as flavonoids, triterpenes and lignans that have anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C is well known for its immune system benefits, and beta-carotene has been shown to be beneficial for vision.
  •  Cucumber protects the skin against aging. The vegetable have been shown to be effective as a potential anti-wrinkle agent in cosmetic products, protecting our skin form the effects of aging.
  • Cucumber helps reduce bad breath which is usually caused by bacteria in the mouth. Fiber and water-rich vegetables like cucumbers can boost your mouth’s saliva production, which in turn helps wash away the bacteria that cause the odor in the mouth.