Watch: That Controversial Riky Rick’s Acceptance Speech At The MMAs


Riky Rick’s Acceptance speech at the glamorous event held at the Durban International Convention Centre on Saturday night sparked a lot of controversies.

Riky threw caution to the wind when he mounted the stage to get his award at the Metro FM Music Awards ceremony. He blasted radio stations for being partial when it comes to giving artists some radio love.

The local rapper used his acceptance speech after winning the Best Hit Single award to pay tribute to struggling local artists. According to Riky, these artists are not getting their music played on radio stations because they don’t have the money to make it happen.

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Somehow, Mzansi knew that something big was coming when Riky started his speech by saying that he wished he was more excited about winning the award, but that fans who knew his raps would know why he was a little disillusioned by it.

The rapper mentioned how the ceremony was questionable. He said that even the viewers were aware it was rigged. Thus, he encouraged all those struggling artists to turn to the internet to get their music out. Apparently, the rapper would have said more but his mic was cut, leaving him confused and on edge.

Watch Riky Rick’s Acceptance Speech Here;

Nonetheless, he later addressed the issue in an interview backstage, telling audiences that he had a lot to say. He added that it was time for those at the top to stop playing with the people because they were “not stupid”.

Like Riky Rick’s Acceptance speech wasn’t enough, the rapper took the war further to social media platform Twitter.

“If n**gaz can pay for these f**king awards, then my nigga, I don’t want them,” his first tweet read. This was followed with the comment: “Stop playing with the people… we not stupid …”

Afterwards, rapper Riky Rick was praised as a ‘hero’ and ‘advocate of the people’for lambasting the music industry and even the awards themselves in order to protect the interest of the struggling artists. Other local celebs have come out in support of his views.