WATCH: A Football Match In Saudi Arabia Stops To Cut Keeper’s Anti-Islamic Hairdo


An unbelievable incident took place last weekend in Saudi Arabia when a match was forced to stop because of a team’s goalkeeper who was supposedly having an offensive anti-Islamic hairdo.

Though the name of the keeper and the theme were yet to be made known, report has it that the game paused when a man took offence at the hairdo of the goalkeeper.

Faced with either to have his hair cut right there in the field or quite playing the match, the keeper had to agree to having his peak leveled in compliance to the country’s sports directives.

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According to reports, the scene was in reaction to a new directive from the sports authorities in Saudi Arabia, who have decided to take action against all anti-islamic hairdo in the country

Each provided with a pair of scissors, a referee and another person quickly cut slightly flowing hair on the skull of the player before allowing him to go on the field.

The country was said to have also sent guidelines to the federations and the Olympic committee to “curb al-qazaa phenomenon,” referring to the exuberant cuts in stadiums and gyms.

“This is contrary to Islam and the traditions of the kingdom,” wrote a commentator in the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah, calling on the Football Federation to “impose sanctions” on recalcitrant players whose “bizarre cuts are imitated by their fans in schools. ”

The Saudi kingdom, where many foreign professional players ply their trade, is governed by Wahhabism, a strict version of Islamic law.

Football players are known to have funny hair cuts which are usually no big deal to most world football federations but the opposite happens to be the case with Saudi Arabia. This time its a ‘NO’ to all Anti-Islamic hairdo for all players in the country.

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