Watch How 86-Year-Old Sue Smuts’ Car Was Hijacked From Her Driveway


We do live in a wicked world, and the wickedness seems to be on the rise with each day. Crime has overrun our cities and has made us insecure even in our bedrooms. Most of the time, people are afraid to go to bed for fear of what might happen when they close their eyes. Those who are bold enough to, sleep with one eye open. As the video you are about to watch proves, no one is exempted from the rounds of crime. The young and the old alike are targeted and taken advantage of as often as possible without any fear.

Gone are the days when crime was relegated to the night. These days, crime happens in broad day light when we least expect it. The rate at which car smashes and jacking happens in South Africa these days is heart breaking. Even though the Police responds as quickly as they can when such cases are called in, the fact still remains that a car jacking happens faster than you can say Jack Robinson and as such, before the victim registers what is actually happening or gathers enough wit about them to call the police, the culprit who will definitely not wait around for the call to be made must have taken off.

In the video below, 86-year-old Sue Smuts experienced the fright of her life when she parked her car on the driveway of her home in Sommerest West. She had just come back from the Pick ‘n Pay when a black man knocked on her car window. She locked her car and rolled the window down just a tiny bit, but the thug managed to squeeze his hand through that small gap, opened the door and pulled out the elderly Mrs Smuts from her car. He climbed in and made away with her car and the bags of groceries she had just purchased at from Waterstone shoppin complex in Somerset-West.

Mrs Sue had sustained a little injury and could not get up until her neighbor Jannes Barnard rushed to her aid. Even though the physical injuries were not much, she was badly traumatized and shocked.

However, luck was not on the criminal’s side as he went back to a different grocery store (Eersterivier) and tried to exchange the bags of grocery for cash without the receipts or the credit card with which it was bought. The Cashier noticed this and immediately alerted the police when the man took off. The police immediately put out an APB and Fiat was pulled over at Macassar near Somerset West and the thug was arrested

Mrs Smuts’ handbag – together with wallets stolen from other people – were found in the hijacked car. Family member Albertus Bredekamp said the Pick ‘n Pay in the Waterstone shopping centre replaced Mrs Smuts’ groceries and surprised the elderly lady with a bunch of flowers and a gift voucher. She thanked them and the police for their quick reaction and added: “I am not paranoiac but always prepared for any event. Next time I will be faster’. Station commander at Somerset West colonel Marie-Anne Williams, also expressed delight at the quick response and arrest by the Police.

Meanwhile, the 37-year-old suspect remains in custody until his appearance in Somerset-West court on a charge of car hijacking.