WATCH: Acting Police Boss, Hides Behind Couch During Robbery


A video footage has shown how acting police commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane hid himself when a number of armed robbers stormed a spa where he was.

According to the video footage revealed by news24, the acting police boss Phahlane who fidgeted at the sight of the robbers, dived behind a couch while his wife and the spa employee struggle with the criminals.

The attempted robbery, which took place at the Ayothaya Thai Spa in Dunkeld on the afternoon of Sunday, June 5 2016, was earlier reported by the police who claimed that the acting commissioner fought with the robbers and successfully chased them out of the spa.

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Hawks spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi who confirmed  Kgomotso Phahlane was present at the spar during the attempted robbery, said at the time that Phahlane accompanied his wife to the spa and was waiting for her in the car.

He said he noticed two men entering the spa wearing balaclavas and armed with pistols and sprung into action. He fought with the two guys with the view to take away the firearms. He managed to ward them off and they ran away only to storm back into the spa few minutes after, Mulaudzi explained.

At their return, Kgomotso Phahlane first grabbed a pillow as if trying to protect himself with it, before diving behind the couch. He stays there until the end of the ordeal.

Phahlane’s wife and a spa employee, on the other hand, took up a fight with the robbers pushing the couch towards the robbers, which causes the two armed men to again leave the spa.

The employee and Phahlane’s wife went towards the door as if to make sure the robbers have left.

Acting police commissioner was later seen when his wife and the spa employer tried to shut the door.

Meanwhile, Mulaudzi, who released the original statement on Phahlane’s heroics, said he had not seen the video before he made the statement. He referred News24 to fellow SAPS spokesperson Brigadier Mashadi Selepe.

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Phahlane’s spokesperson Brigadier Mashadi Selepe however, denied the claims on the video footage by saying: “There is no dispute on the sequence of events which unfolded on the day of the attack at the spa …

“It is unfortunate that you are suggesting a misrepresentation of facts which will be found nowhere in the department’s reporting on the matter. It is found suspicious or why you are in possession of such recordings which is a subject of investigation [sic]. Such recordings can under no circumstances be made public,” he said.