Vuwani Community Silently Boycotts Election As Residents Play Sports


Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officers deployed to several voting stations in Vuwani township had to employ the patience of Job after residents of the community silently boycotted the election.

Residents of the protest-hit town balled elections up in the community when they took to the field to play football, dance and play loud music instead of marching down to polling stations.

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Residents got cold feet after Pro-Makhado task team leader Nsovo Sambo, promised the government that  Vuwani community will play sports on election day.

“…The point is that my community will not vote. They are boycotting the elections in a peaceful manner.

They will instead be focusing on sports the whole day. We still stand by our word, and we will not vote until our demands are met. We don’t want to fall under the Malamulele Municipality,” Sambo boasted.

Dancing residents waved and smiled at a police helicopter patrolling the area. A convoy of army vehicles also offered help by clearing rocks piled up by residents on roads that lead to voting stations.

IEC staffers were sighted shutting down the day’s business earlier than the official voting cut-off time of 7 pm with completely sealed and unused ballot papers after Vuwani voters failed to show up in two stations in Vyeboom.

Staffers deployed to Avhatondi primary school, Vyeboom, sat all day with no voters in sight – an act that entails voters deliberately stayed away from the polling station.

Speaking to media at Vyeboom, west of the Vuwani township, Cooperative Governance Minister Des van Rooyen called on residents of to exercise their democratic right to elect leaders of their choice and not be scared by municipal demarcation.

“We think our people will come and elect leaders of their choice, and champion their development agenda,” said Van Rooyen.
Political and electoral apathy crept in Vuwani in May after the Municipal Demarcation Board decided to merge parts of Vuwani with Malamulele and Hlanganani to form a new municipality. The protest left no fewer than 20 schools torched; many others were vandalized too.

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