ASSA – Raping A Virgin Albino Kid Can’t Cure HIV/AIDS


Albinism Society of South Africa (ASSA) has called on South Africans to quit harming albinos because of some absurd beliefs.

Celebrating the Albinism Month meant to dispel the unfounded beliefs about albinism, the society pleaded with South Africans that sleeping with a virgin albino child isn’t a cure for HIV/AIDS.

ASSA informed the public that the body parts of albinos cannot bring any good fortune and that albinos can’t pass on albinism to unborn babies when a pregnant woman comes in contact with them.

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 Speaking, ASSA’s executive director Nomasonto Mazibuko remarked that it’s imperative to engender more public awareness campaigns as a medium to fight the absurd beliefs which cause the killing and ill-treating of albinos.

Mazibuko added that the belief that people with albinism don’t die, but just disappear has caused many parents to sell children born with albinism.

“People must see that we are human and embrace us, especially parents of albino children. Children are a gift from God, we don’t expect parents to traffic and sell their albino child.

Discrimination is a human rights violation and the constitution of South Africa says we have the right to life so then why are we killed?

We want to educate people and tell them that people with albinism are not lucky charms – people still believe that our body parts can make people rich,” Mazibuko stated.

Also speaking, model and actress Thando Hopa asserted that it’s uncool for kids with albinism to be subjected to discrimination.

Hopa narrated that she experienced a difficult childhood and called on the public to save albino kids such stress.

“My parents are wonderful, I was continuously embraced, I never really acknowledged that I was different.

Then came the first day of school. It was the only time I started noticing that I was different because children wouldn’t sit next to me.

…After some time came the name calling. I just had to continuously go through that dynamic of being absolutely loved and absolutely not accepted,” Hopa narrated.

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Mazibuko founded the Albinism Society in 1992 to curb the discrimination against albinos in South Africa. She disclosed that the society has recorded much progress in actualizing its dreams.