Who Is Matt Cena, John Cena’s Brother?

Matt Cena (born October 28, 1980; Age: 41 years old) is an American Automobile expert, mortgage loan officer, and transportation manager best known as the brother of John Cena, the world wrestling champion.

Matt has spent over a decade working in the automobile industry and has one prestigious award for his hard work and diligence. He is listed as a bodybuilder and fitness model who has recorded appearances in several magazines.

Summary of Matt Cena’s Biography

  • Full Name: Matthew Cena
  • Nickname: Matt
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: October 28, 1980
  • Matt Cena’s Age: 41 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Matt Cena’s Wife: Coverly Cena
  • Matt Cena’s Children: Shelby Cena and Noelle Cena
  • Matt Cena’s Parents: John Felix Anthony Cena Sr. and Carol Lupien
  • Siblings: Steve, John, Dan, and Sean Cena
  • Famous For: Being the brother of John Cena
  • Matt Cena’s Instagram: @cenamatt
  • Twitter: @Matt_Cena

When Was Matt Cena Born?

Matt Cena, whose birth name is Matthew Cena, was born on October 28, 1980. Matt was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, to Carol Lupien and her husband, John Felix Anthony Cena Sr. Though he is of American nationality, Matthew’s ethnicity is mixed – his father is Italian, while his mother is of English and French-Canadian ancestry.

Matt spent his formative years in his place of birth, West Newbury. Though the academic institutions he attended were not listed, it is believed that he achieved his early education at local schools around West Newbury.

Is Matt Cena older than John Cena?

Matt Cena
Matt and John (image source)

Matt Cena is not older than his wrestling champion brother, John Cena. His current age of 41 makes him three years younger than John, who was born in 1977. John is the most popular among the buffy Cena brothers with his flourishing career in the WWE, acting roles, and his foray into the music industry.

He is also a TV host and a known philanthropist. Apart from John, Matt has other brothers, Stephen, Daniel, and Sean. Also known as Steve, Stephen is the Oldest Cena brother (born September 29, 1974) who earns a living in the entertainment industry as a puppet artist and voice-over actor.

Dan or Daniel Cena is the police officer among them. He is currently a sergeant working in West Newbury. A UMass-Lowell alum, Dan is a holder of a criminal justice degree. Born in 1978, Dan is two years older than Matt. Sean Cena is the last child of the Cena family; he came into the world in 1983.

Nothing much is known about Sean except his health challenges. According to John Cena, his youngest brother is a cancer survivor. However, Sean reportedly beat his inoperable stage three brain tumor and is currently living a normal life. The baby of the family has recorded an appearance in John Cena: Word Life – a documentary by the wrestling champion, John Cena.

Other known relatives of Matt Cena include his maternal grandfather, Tony Lupien, who played baseball, and his cousin, Natalie Enright Jerger – a pc scientist. The Cena brothers share a very close bond and have supported each other.

What Does Matt Cena Do for a Living?

Internet searches revealed Matt Cena, who is way more buffy than his wrestling champion brother, John Cena, to be a bodybuilder. However, it appears that his bodybuilding days are over and done with. Currently, Matt is engaged in some mundane professions. He is listed as a manager working with Harrison Global Transportation company, where he earns a wallet share of his income.

The father of two is engaged at Ira Toyota Manchester at Group 1 Automotive in his capacity as an Automotive Service Director. If his LinkedIn Linkedin Profile is anything to go by, then he became part of Group 1 Automotive in June 2019. Before this, he was with Jaffarian Volvo Toyota as a service manager from October 2018 and worked till May 2019.

The Mercedes-Benz of Manchester and Boston enjoyed his services as a service advisor, and the Village Automotive Group had him as their service consultant for some time. Matt is also associated with Ira Motor Group as an automotive service advisor and Bank of England Mortgage as a Mortage Loan Officer. He has been in the Automobile industry for over a decade and, in 2013, was rewarded with an Operator of the Year award.

Away from the automobile industry, Matt Cena is listed as a fitness model. He has been featured in several fitness magazines, most times alongside his brother, John Cena. Matt’s success in his chosen career path is not comparable to the fame and fortune enjoyed by John Cena today. However, he is considered to be doing admirably well.

Matt Cena is on Social Media

Matt Cena is live on social media platforms, especially Instagram. On the picture-sharing platform, the father of two can be found @cenamatt. He has shared 16 posts so far and has accumulated over 586 followers. The kind of posts to expect from Matt’s handle are photos and videos of his household. He is also on Twitter.

He has Been Married to Coverly Cena For Years

In 2009, Matt Cena shed the cloak of bachelorhood to embrace matrimony. He exchanged marriage vows with his lifelong partner, Coverly Cena. Their wedding day was quite eventful as his big brothers, John and Dan, chose to provide their guests with side attractions in the form of a wrestling match on the dance floor.

The fisticuffs that ensued between the sergeant and the wrestling champion almost worried the guests, but their fears were doused by the family, who assured them that John and Dan were well capable of taking care of themselves. This says much for the Cena brood – growing up five buffy boys in one household is not an easy feat.

Matt and Coverly currently reside in Newton, NH, with their children. Though Coverly appears to be the type that does not love publicity, we have seen glimpses of the mother of two from her husband’s social media handles.

They Are Parents To Two Girls, Shelby and Noelle

Matt Cena and his wife, Coverly, share two beautiful children – all girls. Shelby Cena is the older daughter, while Noelle Cena (born in 2014) is the younger daughter.

Both girls love to attend their uncle’s wrestling matches to root for the world wrestling champion.

How Did Matt Cena Achieve his Buff Physique?

It goes without saying that Matt Cena achieved that buffy physic from his active day in the bodybuilding sports; he equally participated in several bodybuilding contests in the past. Even though he is no longer involved in active bodybuilding, Matt looks way more buffed than his big brother, John.

Matt’s body statistics have never been listed by any source, but his brother, John, who is less buffed than him, weighs 245 pounds and stands at the height of 6 feet without footwear, but when he wears shoes, John said he could go up to 6 feet 1 inch.

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