Anders Holm’s Wife, Emma Nesper, Kids and Family

Anders Holm’s wife is Emma Nesper. They have been together since high school, although it was in 2011 that they got married. 13 years down the line, they are still together and happy, and they have three kids together. 

Emma Nesper Holm was born on January 17, 1982, and is now 42 years old. She is a Human Rights Advocate and Resource Mobilization Consultant who got drawn to the limelight thanks to the fame of her husband, who has built a name for himself in Hollywood as a multitalented individual. Beyond just her husband’s fame, there is much more to know about her and their kids.

Who Is Anders Holm’s Wife?

Anders Holm’s wife is Emma Nesper. She was born on January 17, 1982, which means she is now 42 years old. She was born in Evanston, Illinois, United States, where her parents raised her. Meanwhile, her father was a professor at the UW.

Emma Nesper
Emma Nesper (Image Source)

Of American nationality and Jewish ethnic extraction, there is hardly any information regarding the identity of Anders’ parents, siblings, and other family members.

For her education, she attended Evanston Township High School (ETHS), and from there, she went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, Cultural Anthropology.

Next, she went to the University of California, Los Angeles, where she got a master’s degree in African Studies with an emphasis in History.

Anders Holm’s Wife Works With a Nonprofit

While Holms works in the entertainment industry, his wife, Emma Nesper Holm, works in a nonprofit organization. She is a professional who has built an enviable career profile through the years.

Currently, she works as an independent consultant with expertise in nonprofit fundraising and philanthropic strategy. She consults for various bodies, including American Jewish World Services and The Giving Square. Before that, she worked for CARE USA as a senior director of development and partnerships.

Meanwhile, after Anders Holm was through with her educational pursuits, Anders Holm’s wife worked as an English Instructor at the University Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis, Senegal, for a few months and then returned to West Hollywood, where she worked as an Assistant account executive with ID Media.

Next, she took some internship roles with Tostan in Senegal and Human Rights Watch and Graduate Student Researcher and Teaching Assistant roles with UCLA. She also made her living by working with VSI as the director of communications and taking several positions with the American Jewish Work Service (AJWS) for over five years.

Anders Holm and Emma Nesper Met as Pre-teens

Anders Holm and Emma Nesper first met when Holm was only 12, and Emma was still 11. According to Anders, he saw Emma at a summer camp and was instantly drawn to her.

They met again while in high school and became very close. This was after Anders stalked Emma for several months as he summoned the courage to speak to her. When he first saw her in high school, he was drawn to her by her good looks and a pair of white shorts that she wore, but when he got close, he realized that she was more than the shorts and looks.

Although they continued to be friends, it was after they moved to the University of Wisconsin Madison that they began dating seriously.

Holm graduated before Nesper, and he moved to Los Angeles, where he started a career as a comedian. Hence, after Emma graduated, she also moved to LA to be with him, and while he continued with his work as a comedian, she took a job with nonprofits.

Having been together since the early 2000s, Holm and Emma walked down the aisle in an intimate ceremony in Bluestem Farm, Illinois, in September 2011. The event was attended by very close friends and family members. The couple has kept all about their engagement and wedding ceremony away from the public.

Anders Holm and Emma Nesper Are Still Married Years After

Emma Nesper
Emma Nesper and Anders Holm (Facebook)

More than a decade after they walked down the aisle, Anders Holm and Emma Nesper are still happily together. They have put in much effort to keep much about their personal life together away from social media even though Holm is active on various social media platforms.

While they have been private about their union, Anders has always talked about his wife during interviews. He has shared various details about her, including their love story and how she has always been helpful to him.

Unlike many other celebrity marriages, which are always surrounded by stories of separation and divorce, the couple has avoided any form of controversy. They have supported each other as they continue to raise their kids in a private and healthy environment.

Anders Holm’s Kids With Emma Nesper

Slightly over two years after they got married, the pair welcomed their first child, a son whose name they have continued to keep a secret. Although the notoriously private couple kept all about Emma’s pregnancy private, Anders took to his Instagram to announce the birth of their little one on December 19, 2013.

At the time of the birth of their first kid, who is now years old, Emma was years old while Ander was. The pair have kept all about their kid private, so much so that information about him, including his childhood, education, and passion, has remained unknown to the public.

In January 2016, a couple of years after their first, the Workaholics star and his wife were said to be expecting their second child together. According to an insider, they were excited as they waited for their second child and hoped to have many kids.

Nothing more was announced about the birth of the couple’s second child. The child’s gender, birth, and other such information have all remained unknown to the public. This has made many wonder if there was ever a second child.

That said, there have been speculations that after the second, the couple welcomed yet another child to make it kid number three. However, in the same manner as the previous kids, nothing was revealed about the kid. This is unsurprising since the comedian and his wife have always maintained a very private lifestyle.

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