The Truth About Rhynisha Grech

Rhynisha Grech is a 15-year-old Australian girl who went viral in 2023 after a video of her participating in a brutal assault on another teenage girl named Kirra Hart circulated online.

The clip was only a few minutes long, but Rhynisha confirmed in her own words that Kirra’s ordeal had lasted for four hours, during which they were just torturing her. She also described the whole assault as “funny as f***.” It was shocking, to say the least, and it reignited the debate about bullying in Australia. There were also calls for the young girls involved to face the wrath of the law. How did that pan out? Read on and find out.

Rhynisha Grech and Two Others Assaulted Kirra Hart in March 2023

Rhynisha Grech came to public attention in Australia in March 2023 following an assault that she and two other young girls, Shanaya Grech (her sister) and Chloe Denman, perpetrated on Kirra Hart. The assault took place on the 11th of March, 2023, after the three girls lured the 14-year-old Kirra to a home in Tewantin, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

There, they detained her for four hours, during which they repeatedly punched her all over her body and cut her with a knife. They also taunted and made fun of her, inflicting all manner of physical and emotional abuse on her. Kirra, of course, tried to flee from her assailants, but they didn’t let her go. They rather videoed the torture with Shanaya mostly manning the camera.

At some point, Kirra can be heard asking her attackers not to punch her in the face, to which one of them responds, “She can punch wherever the f*** she wants to punch, you dumb dog. At another point, another girl can be heard saying I have never seen something so f***ing ugly in my life, obviously referring to Kirra.

Later, Rhynisha can be seen on camera saying, “We were just torturing her for at least four hours straight. It was funny as fuck. So, she’s like full f*** up, like, I will send you photos of her face. It’s munted, bro.” Note that munted is an Australian slang for messed up or disgusting.

The girls involved in the horrific attack did keep their promise to share videos and pictures of the whole thing. These clips went viral on social media, and they were pleased at first. The tables, however, turned when they realized that people were condemning them for what they did and pointing out that their actions could amount to a crime.

Meanwhile, after they let Kirra Hart go, she was able to get to a hospital, get treatment, and also get in touch with her loved ones. Her mother. Kristen Hart revealed that she suffered serious injuries, including a stab wound to the knee, a fractured wrist, severe facial swelling, and bruising all over the body.

Was Rhynisha Grech Arrested?

Rhynisha Grech was later arrested for the brutal attack on Kirra Hart. The fact that she was 14 years of age at the time that she committed the assault meant that she could face the legal repercussions for her actions, provided that she knew her conduct was a bad act at the time she was doing it.

Reports show that Rhynisha Grech was charged with four counts of assault causing bodily harm, assault causing bodily harm while carrying a weapon in a company, deprivation of liberty, entering a dwelling to commit an offense, armed robbery while using personal violence in the company, entering a property to commit an offense and wilful damage. She was ordered to be remanded in custody, meaning that she wasn’t granted bail.

Shanya Grech and Chloe Denman were also charged. Shanaya, who was 12 years old at the time of committing the crime, was charged with assault resulting in bodily injury, assault resulting in bodily harm while carrying a weapon, liberty deprivation, armed robbery in conjunction with personal violence, entering a house to perform an indictable offense, and unauthorized dealing with store goods.

Chloe Denman, who was 13 years old at the time of committing the offense, was accused of entering a home and committing an indictable offense, assault causing bodily harm, assault causing bodily harm while carrying a weapon in the company, deprivation of liberty, armed robbery while using personal violence, common assault and unauthorized dealing with store goods.

Is Rhynisha Grech in Jail?

Rhynisha Grech may be presently in jail, but one cannot say for sure as it is hard to find updates on her trial. One certain thing is that the charges against her would have been resolved one way or the other, as the state wouldn’t allow it to linger.

Therefore, it is possible that Rhynisha Grech may be in jail or, more appropriately, juvenile detention, which is where youngsters who have committed crimes are incarcerated. It is also possible that she may have reached a plea deal with the authorities or that she was able to successfully fight the charges against her and escape jail. She, therefore, may or may not be in jail at the moment.

Was Rhynisha Grey’s House Burnt Down?

Rhynisha Grey’s house was not burnt down, and any reports to that effect are simply not true. However, one certain thing is that she and her accomplices faced a massive blowback after clips of their assault went viral. Reports have it that their acquaintances, friends, and classmates shared their home addresses publicly, and as such, they became targets.

They and their family members reportedly moved out of their homes, but this didn’t stop members of the public from vandalizing their houses. It is also reported that Denman’s house was burnt down, but there has not been any credible report that this same fate befell Rhynisha’s house. Meanwhile, many people set up petitions on Change-org calling for justice for Kirra Hart. Her mother also set up a GoFundMe page to be able to raise funds to take of her daughter’s expenses.

Who are Rhynisha Grech’s Parents?

Rhynisha Grech’s parents are Laheama Flanders and Rhys Grech. This is according to a Tweet posted on the 22nd of March 2022. The tweet also has it that Rhynisha’s parents are now divorced and that her father is a male stripper.

The couple are said to have appeared on social media a couple of times to express their regret over the act perpetrated by their daughter. However, Rhynisha particularly remained indignant for a while, claiming that she had done nothing wrong in some of her clips on TikTok. Of course, the authorities did not agree with her reasoning, hence the criminal charges that were brought against her.

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