Who Are John Cena’s Brothers and What Do They Do for a Living?

John Cena’s brothers are Steve, Matt, Dan, and Sean Cena. The Legendary WWE wrestling champion, actor, and singer spent his early years alongside his four brothers.

While fans believe that all the Cena brothers are involved in wrestling and acting, it has been revealed that they are engaged in different career paths. Steve is the only one who comes close with his stage and voice acting gigs. Below is a comprehensive list of the muscular Cena brothers.

Stephen Cena is the Oldest of John Cena’s Brothers

Steve Cena is the oldest of the Cena all-male brood; he was born on September 29, 1974. Steve is currently 48 years old, which makes him three years older than his superstar wrestler brother, John Cena, who was born in 1977.

Steve matches John in hefty and brawny body build; his buffy build has led many to believe that the oldest Cena brother may also be involved in wrestling, but that is far from the case. Searches for the career path of John Cena’s big brother revealed that Steve works and earns a living in the entertainment industry but in a different capacity.

He is acclaimed as a puppet artist, a stage actor, and a voice actor; this is where he has something in common with John, who has equally become famous in the world of movies as an actor. His appearance in the media is minimal, but he has shown up in productions like Bloody Island and Return to Clark Country.

Steve may yet appear in more movies in the future. Another thing he has in common with the superstar wrestler and actor is muscle building. Steve is someone who loves to keep his personal life away from the prying eyes of the public.

However, it soon came to the fore that he was gay. With that said, his family appears to be ok with his sexuality as Steve has a same-sex partner, Darlando. The duo have been together for quite a long time and have already made a public appearance in an episode of Total Divas on the E! channel.

Daniel Cena Is John Cena’s Immediate Younger Brother

Daniel Cena is John Cena’s immediate younger brother, born on October 3, 1978. Dan, as his pet name says, is 44 years old, meaning he is one year younger than John Cena.

Daniel achieved his early educated at Pentucket High School. Upon his graduation, the wrestler’s younger brother went to study criminal justice at UMass-Lowell, laying a solid foundation for his career in the Police.

Like their big brother Steve, it was equally speculated that Dan might catch the WrestleMania fever like John. However, in 1998, at the age of 19, Dan was recruited into the US police as an auxiliary police officer in West Newbury. He put in three solid years as a reserve (dispatch) police officer before moving up the ranks.

The cop later attained the status of a full-time policeman, decorated with the rank of a sergeant. He had a bad experience in 2005 after having a head-on collision with a drunken driver and had to spend a long time in the hospital. Upon his recovery, Dan returned to work as a cop.

John Cena’s younger brother is a happily married man and a father. His wife has been accurately identified as Janet Cena, and according to reports, she gives her full support to his career. Janet even went with Dan for his interview with the US police.

Matthew Cena is the 4th Among John Cena’s Brothers

John Cena has three younger brothers, and the second in line is Matthew Cena. Also called Matt, John’s younger sibling was born as the fourth son of the Cena clan on October 28, 1980, and his age is pegged at 42 years old. Compared to the wrestler and actor, Matt is three years younger.

There is no record of any academic history for Matthew Cena, but career-wise, Matt is listed as a bodybuilder like his big brother. Unclad, he is as muscular and bulky as Steve, Dan, and John. Matt earns part of his livelihood from Harrison Global Transportation, where he currently functions as the manager.

John Cena's brothers

Matthew Cena is a family man; he is the husband of Coverly Cena, his wife for many years. The two are parents to two kids – all girls. The couple resides in Newton, NH, where they are raising their children.

Matt earned some popularity during his wedding with Coverly when his two big brother’s Dan and John Cena, converted the dance floor into a wrestling ring. The wrestler cum actor, and police officer decided to engage in a fisticuff as part of the wedding entertainment.

Needless to say, their action elicited concern from wedding guests who thought the situation was already out of hand. However, a timely assurance from the family calmed them down. The combatant brothers were big boys and could take good care of themselves, the Cena family said. It says much for people who grew up with five boys in a home.

Sean Cena is the Baby of the Family

The youngest among the Cena brood of five boys is Sean Cena. John Cena is six years older than his baby brother Sean, whose birth year is 1983. Sean is quite distinct from his brothers as he appears to be a very private person; thus, his life and career have been under the shade all his life.

It was like an unveiling for Sean when he finally agreed to make an appearance in John’s documentary film entitled John Cena: Word Life. Thanks to this movie, Sean’s face has become recognizable to date. Otherwise, people would pass him on the streets without connecting him to the greatest wrestler of our time.

John Cena gave an insight into Sean’s life in a verbal showdown in an episode of the WWE Raw with Dwayne Johnson or The Rock in 2012. In the heated argument that ensued, John, who suddenly went emotional, revealed that Sean was a victim of an inoperable brain tumor already at stage 3. However, Sean managed to win the battle against cancer thanks to early detection.

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