Meet Chris Evert’s Sons Colton Jack, Alexander James and Nicholas Joseph

Chris Evert’s three sons are Alexander James Mill, Nicholas Joseph Mill, and Colton Jack Mill. The legendary tennis champion is not only known for her incredible achievements on the court but also for her role as a loving mother.

Over the years, Evert has shared glimpses of her life as a mother, showcasing the strong bond she shares with her boys. In this article, we will delve into the lives of Chris Evert’s sons and explore their unique paths.

Does Chris Evert Have Children?

Chris Evert has three children from her second marriage to former American downhill Olympic skier Andy Mill. Born Christine Marie Evert on December 21, 1954, 69 year-old Evert is just as well known for her romantic relationships, which include three marriages and a couple of flings, as she is for her incredible Tennis career.

Chris Evert, one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, not only excelled on the tennis court but also cherished her role as a mother. She relished the responsibility of being a mother just as much as she basked in the glory of her tennis achievements.

Evert’s tennis career was nothing short of extraordinary. She burst onto the scene in the 1970s and quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Known for her powerful groundstrokes and unwavering mental strength, Evert dominated the women’s game for over a decade.

She won a total of 18 Grand Slam singles titles, including a record-tying seven titles at the French Open. Evert also captured six US Open titles, three Wimbledon titles, and two Australian Open titles.

Throughout her career, Evert amassed numerous accolades and set numerous records. She spent a total of 260 weeks as the world number one, a record that stood for 20 years.

Evert also won a remarkable 90% of the matches she played on clay, earning her the nickname “The Queen of Clay.” Her rivalry with fellow tennis legend Martina Navratilova is one of the most storied in the history of the sport.

All Three of Chris Evert’s Children are a Product of Her Second Marriage To Andy Mill

Despite her tremendous success on the tennis court, Evert’s personal life also drew attention. She was married three times, with all three of her children being from her second marriage to Andy Mill. Evert and Mill were married for 18 years, from 1988 to 2006.

They first met in Aspen, Colorado, where Mill was a professional skier, and Evert was on a skiing vacation. Their love blossomed, and they tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in 1988. During their marriage, Evert and Mill welcomed three children into the world: three sons – Alexander James, Nicholas Joseph, and Colton Jack.

Despite the challenges of balancing a high-profile career with motherhood, Evert embraced her role as a mother wholeheartedly. She often spoke about the joy and fulfillment she found in raising her children, and she made sure to prioritize her family alongside her tennis commitments.

However, Evert’s marriage to Mill eventually came to an end. In a surprising turn of events, Evert fell in love with and later married Mill’s best friend, Australian golfer Greg Norman. The news of their relationship caused a media frenzy, and their subsequent marriage in 2008 only intensified the spotlight on their personal lives.

Overall, Chris Evert’s life is a testament to the fact that she not only basked in the glory of being one of the greatest female tennis players of all time but also took satisfaction in the responsibility of being a mother.

Her tennis career is filled with remarkable achievements and accolades, cementing her legacy in the sport. Despite the ups and downs of her personal life, Evert’s commitment to both her family and her sport is truly admirable.

Who are Chris Evert’s Children?

Chris Evert’s children are all sons: Alexander James Mill, Nicholas Joseph Mill, and Colton Jack Mill. At this point, it becomes necessary to emphasize the fact that Mill had all three of her sons within five years between 1991 and 1996.

Alexander James Mill Is Chris Evert’s Oldest Son

Alexander “Alex” James Mill, the oldest of Chris Evert’s three sons with Andy Mill, was born on May 31, 1991, making him 33 years old as of 2024.

Born in Aspen, Colorado, his early years were seemingly shaped by the aura of his parents’ prominence in the sports world, with his mother, Chris Evert, being a legendary tennis player, and his father, Andy Mill, an accomplished former professional skier.

Growing up amid his parents’ high-profile careers, Alex experienced their divorce at just over fifteen years old in December 2006.

Such a pivotal life event at a tender age might have understandably posed challenges, impacting his emotional well-being. However, individuals cope with such experiences differently, and they might have sought support from family, friends, or professionals to navigate this transition.

He Opted Out of Choosing Tennis as a Career Path

Despite having a background steeped in tennis, Alex chose not to pursue it professionally. While he played tennis in high school, he opted not to make it his career path.

Instead, he pursued higher education, reportedly graduating from the University of Colorado. This choice suggests a deliberate decision to chart his own course separate from the shadows of his parents’ sporting legacies.

Post-education, Alex found his niche in the real estate industry. His decision to become a real estate agent has since been vindicated, as he has been quite successful in his career.

His success in this field could be attributed to a mix of his inherent skills, work ethic, and perhaps lessons learned from his parents’ professional disciplines.

He Does Not Share Details Of His Personal Life With The Public And The Media

Regarding his personal life, details about his marital status and whether he has children of his own aren’t widely publicized. Although it is fair to assume that he is not yet married, his parents would have joyfully shared the news just as they did for one of his younger brothers.

Navigating the complexities of a high-profile family, coupled with the challenges of parental divorce, likely contributed to Alex Mill’s personal growth and determination to forge his own path.

His choice to deviate from a potential tennis career and find success in real estate demonstrates resilience, adaptability, and a strong sense of self-determination. Despite the challenges he may have faced early in life, Alex appears to have carved out a successful and independent identity for himself.

Nicholas “Nicky” Joseph Mill is Chris Evert’s Middle Son

Nicholas “Nicky” Joseph Mill, born on July 14, 1994, is the middle child of Chris Evert and Andy Mill. As of 2024, he is 29 years old, just around three years younger than his older brother, Alexander James.

Growing up, Nicky experienced a significant shift when his parents divorced in December 2006, a pivotal time as he was barely over twelve years old.

Divorce at such a formative age can be emotionally challenging, potentially impacting one’s sense of stability and security. Like his brothers, Nicky might have navigated this by leaning on familial support and possibly seeking counseling or guidance to cope with the changes.

Nicholas James Mill Also Played Tennis In High School

Despite being introduced to and playing tennis in his high school years, Nicky didn’t follow in his mother’s footsteps as a professional athlete. Instead, he pursued academics, reportedly graduating from the University of Denver, showcasing a shift in his aspirations.

His career path took a turn towards finance, where he currently works as a financial analyst. His success in this field isn’t widely publicized, aligning with his preference for a low-profile life, unlike his parents’ high-profile careers in sports and media.

Nicky’s decision to keep a private life contrasts sharply with his parents’ spotlighted existence. His choice to maintain a distance from the public eye might stem from a desire for personal privacy, away from the scrutiny associated with his family’s fame.

He Married His Long-Term Fiancée Rebecca in 2022

In 2022, Nicky married his long-term fiancée, Rebecca. Not much is known about Nicky’s wife including her last name and how old she is, a fact that perfectly aligns with Nicky’s privacy policy. The same applies to how, when, and where they met and how long they were engaged.

Nonetheless, the celebration of their union was warmly shared by his parents, Chris Evert and Andy Mill, who joyfully announced the news on their social media platforms, expressing happiness and support for their son’s milestone.

They have been married for over a year but it is unknown whether they already have children of their own.

In essence, Nicky Mill has crafted a life separate from the glare of public attention, opting for a fulfilling career in finance, nurturing personal relationships, and prioritizing privacy amidst the legacy of his parents’ high-profile lives.

Colton “Colt” Jack Mill is Chris Evert’s Youngest Son

Colton “Colt” Jack Mill, born on June 14, 1996, is the youngest son of Chris Evert and Andy Mill. As of 2024, he is 28 years old, roughly two years younger than Nicholas Joseph and around five years younger than Alexander James, his two older brothers.

His early life, shadowed by his parents’ high-profile status, was undoubtedly affected by their divorce when he was just over ten years old in December 2006. The divorce likely had a significant impact on Colt’s psyche during his formative years. Coping with such a life-altering event at a tender age could have been challenging.

However, growing up in a family that prioritized resilience and support might have aided his ability to navigate this difficult period.

Colton Jack Also Opted Not To Pursue Tennis Professionally

Chris Evert’s Sons

Despite being involved in tennis during high school, Colt, like his older brothers, opted not to pursue it professionally, choosing a different career path. This decision might have been influenced by various factors, including a desire to forge his own identity separate from his parents’ sporting legacies.

After reportedly graduating from the University of Miami, Colt ventured into the marketing field. His success in this arena showcases his talents and dedication. Although he keeps a low profile compared to his parents, his professional achievements speak volumes about his capabilities and commitment to his career.

He Was Notably Present At His Mother’s Wedding To Greg Norman In 2008

One notable event that brought Colt into the public eye was his presence at his mother’s controversial wedding to Greg Norman on June 28, 2008.

The union stirred controversy as Norman was Andy Mill’s former best friend, adding an emotional layer to an already complicated situation. Colt’s presence amid this familial tension reflects his supportive nature despite the challenging circumstances.

As for his personal life, Colt is currently single. His decision to maintain privacy regarding his relationships and personal endeavors aligns with his preference for a low-key lifestyle, distinct from the spotlight that often surrounded his parents.

In essence, Colt Jack Mill’s journey embodies resilience, independence, and a deliberate choice to carve his path away from the shadows of his parents’ renowned careers.

His success in the marketing field and commitment to maintaining a private life while dealing with past family complexities demonstrate his strength and determination to navigate life on his terms.

Does Chris Evert Have A Daughter?

No, she does not. Although some could make a case for the fact that her son Nicholas Joseph’s marriage to his long-term fiancée Rebecca in 2022 essentially gave Chris Evert a daughter.

Chris Evert is largely known for her incredible and legendary skills on the court. However, her role as a mother to her three sons, Alexander James, Nicholas Joseph, and Colton Jack Mill, is equally important to her.

The legendary tennis player has always taken her responsibility as a mother seriously and has strived to maintain a strong and loving relationship with her sons. When she made the difficult decision to divorce their father, Andy Mill, in 2006 and subsequently married Greg Norman, it undoubtedly had an impact on her sons.

Evert felt torn between her happiness and the heartbreak it caused her sons. However, despite the initial pain, she has worked hard to maintain a positive and supportive relationship with her children.

Over the years, Evert and her sons have actively taken steps to repair any fallout from the divorce and subsequent remarriage. Her commitment to her children’s well-being and her willingness to work through any challenges reflect her dedication to maintaining a healthy connection with them.

They Have Been Supportive Of Her Throughout Her Battle With Ovarian Cancer

Throughout her battle with ovarian cancer, Evert’s sons have undoubtedly been a source of support and strength for her. Facing a life-threatening illness is an incredibly difficult experience, and having the love and support of family members can make a significant difference.

It is reasonable to assume that Alexander, Nicholas, and Colton have been by their mother’s side, offering comfort, encouragement, and assistance throughout her treatment and recovery.

In January 2022, Evert announced that her ovarian cancer had returned. The news must have been devastating for her and her family.

However, considering the close bond they share, it is likely that her sons have once again rallied around her with their unwavering support. In challenging times, the strength of a family’s bond is truly tested, and it is heartening to know that Evert can rely on her sons during this difficult journey.

In conclusion, Chris Evert has demonstrated a strong commitment to her role as a mother to her sons. Despite the challenges of divorce and remarriage, Evert has worked to maintain a positive and loving relationship with Alexander, Nicholas, and Colton.

They have supported her through her battles with ovarian cancer, and it is expected that they will continue to be there for her during her ongoing fight against the disease. The bond between Evert and her sons is a testament to the resilience and love within their family.

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