Is Nick Cannon Sick, and What Disease Does He Have?

Although there is nothing to suggest that Nick Cannon is sick at the moment, he has been battling some health challenges since 2012, when he was diagnosed with lupus nephritis, a disease that affects the kidney. Fortunately, he has been able to manage the autoimmune condition just fine over the years. 

Born on October 8, 1980, and now 43 years old, Nick Cannon is a man of many talents. He became known as a comedian, rapper, TV presenter, and actor, amongst other things, and has been in the limelight since he started his career in the late 1990s. Apart from his successes, which have always drawn attention to him, there is also a serious question about his health since he revealed that he was having some issues.

What Disease Does Nick Cannon Have?

Nick Cannon has a disease that is known as lupus nephritis. He was diagnosed with the ailment in January 2012 when he was 32 years old and was already married to Mariah Carey for four years. According to him, he started having symptoms of the disease even before a New Year’s Eve vacation in Aspen. The symptoms he had included fatigue and swelling in his knees.

Nick Cannon Sick
Nick Cannon (Instagram)

Cannon did not think it was anything to worry about, as he felt his body was only responding to the higher elevation in Colorado. However, he started having pains in his kidneys, and it was becoming difficult for him to breathe. It was at this point that he was forced to seek medical help.

The father of 12 was hospitalized on January 4, 2012. After some medical examinations and tests were carried out, it became clear that he was suffering from the aforementioned ailment, which is also referred to as lupus kidney disease.

Cannon had no idea of the disease before his diagnosis. Still, he found out that it was an autoimmune ailment that could be adequately managed with changes in lifestyle, getting more rest, and taking the proper medication. He revealed that he was forced to take his health more seriously to manage it well.

The Truth About Nick Cannon’s Illness

There’s so much confusion surrounding Nick Cannon’s illness, but the truth is that it is a disease that affects some parts of the kidneys that have the role of filtering out waste. Lupus nephritis is said to occur when lupus antibodies are produced by the immune system that attacks the body’s own cells.

Experts reveal that the disease can get worse over time without proper management and may lead to kidney failure. In that situation, one may have to depend on dialysis or have a kidney transplant. A majority of those affected, 9 out of 10, are women who are of childbearing age, and it is more common among people of African American and Asian background than it is among Caucasians.

Another thing about the disease is that there is no cure. However, there is a treatment that can keep the disease from getting worse. The target is to reduce the symptoms as much as possible and make them go away if possible, which is known as remission.

Nick Cannon revealed that he was made to understand that it was not life-threatening and he would be able to live until old age, but he has to be careful to take care of his body, get a proper diet, and give his body the rest it needs. 

Since his diagnosis, he did not have any major health issues until December 2021, when he was hospitalized for Pneumonia. Nick took to his Instagram to reveal to his fans that he was in the hospital for Pneumonia and not anything he couldn’t handle. He added that only a night before, he was rocking a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden, but he was now alone in a tiny hospital room. He ended the post with a word: #LupusWarrior.

Does Nick Cannon Have a Kidney Disease? 

Nick Cannon has a disease that affected his kidney, which, as stated, was caused by lupus nephritis. After the actor was hospitalized in 2012, his wife at the time, Mariah Carey, revealed that he suffered from mild kidney failure.

According to Carey, when she gave updates about the health of Cannon, he was hospitalized in a facility in Aspen before he was moved to another hospital in Los Angeles, where he was being treated for acute renal failure. She revealed that Nick was in stable condition and would hopefully be discharged within two days.

Initially, medics thought the rapper was suffering from kidney stones, and then a kidney infection before a series of tests carried out showed what was wrong with him. The former America’s Got Talent host underwent surgery, and he was awake throughout the whole procedure.

By mid-January, he made it known on his radio show on 92.3 Now radio that he had a couple more procedures to go through, even though he was doing well and was feeling 100 percent.

However, he was forced to return to the hospital again by February and was hospitalized as a result of a pulmonary embolism. He was diagnosed with a clot in his lungs, which was caused by his malfunctioning kidneys. Also, he suffered from high blood pressure, which was getting his kidneys enlarged. As a result, his diet was changed to just fish, veggies, and fruits, and he was made to take at least 20 different medications.

Does Nick Cannon Have A Rare Disease? 

Nick Cannon’s disease is not rare, even though it does not have a cure at the moment. It is estimated that there are at least 1.5 million Americans who have one form of Lupus or another.

Globally, at least five million people are suffering from the condition. As indicated, the bulk of the sufferers are women of childbearing age, even though men, teenagers, and even children can come up with the disease.

Is Nick Cannon’s Disease Hereditary?

The disease that Nick Cannon is suffering from, lupus nephritis, is not directly caused by genetics. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, no single gene or a group of genes has been shown to cause the condition. Nonetheless, certain gene variations have been linked to it when exposed to some environmental conditions.

In the case of Nick Cannon, there was no history of Lupus in his family when he was first diagnosed. This became one of the things that made him try to find out more about the condition and seek to build a community with people who are living with it.

He was initially discouraged from coming out with his condition because it may make getting jobs harder for him, but he insisted that it happened to him so that he could be an inspiration to others.

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