Whatever Happened To Elizabeth Taylor’s Children and Grandchildren?

Elizabeth Taylor had four children from her eight marriages. Her children would go on to give her ten grandchildren, all of whom have continued to carry on her legacy. 

Taylor’s four children, three she gave birth to and one she adopted, have grown up and established successful careers in various fields such as acting, photography, sculpting, and philanthropy. Her grandchildren have also embarked on their paths, with some working in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will delve into the lives of Elizabeth Taylor’s children and grandchildren, exploring what they have accomplished and how they are continuing to honor their famous grandmother’s name.

Did Elizabeth Taylor Ever Give Birth?

Yes, she did. Just as it is a well-known fact that Elizabeth Taylor adopted a child from Germany with one of her ex-husbands, it is also a well-established fact that the late legendary actress gave birth to most of her children.

There have been persistent rumors and speculation suggesting that Elizabeth Taylor did not give birth to her children, fueling various conspiracy theories. While these claims lack substantial evidence, they continue to circulate due to several factors.

One reason people questioned Elizabeth Taylor’s pregnancies is her tumultuous personal life. She was married multiple times, and her high-profile relationships attracted significant media attention. Critics argue that her pregnancies conveniently aligned with her marriages, leading some to speculate that her pregnancies were staged to protect her public image or to maintain relationships.

Another factor contributing to the skepticism is Taylor’s physical appearance during her pregnancies. Some observers believed that she did not gain the expected amount of weight or exhibit the typical physical changes associated with pregnancy. This led to speculation that she may have used surrogates or adopted children instead.

Furthermore, Taylor’s frequent health issues and reliance on medication added to the confusion. She battled various illnesses throughout her life, including scoliosis, pneumonia, and addiction problems. Some people believed that these health concerns might have hindered her ability to conceive or carry a child to full term.

The media scrutiny surrounding Taylor’s life also played a role in fueling these rumors. Journalists and paparazzi closely followed her every move, and the public’s fascination with her personal life made her a constant target for speculation. This intense scrutiny and the desire for sensationalism often resulted in the spread of baseless rumors.

Ultimately, the claims that Elizabeth Taylor did not give birth to her children lack substantial evidence and rely primarily on speculation and rumors. While her personal life was subjected to intense scrutiny and media attention, the truth remains that Taylor did experience motherhood and had most of her children the biological way.

How Many Children Did Elizabeth Taylor Have?

Elizabeth Taylor had four children – three biological and one adopted. Her first two children, Michael Howard Wilding Jr. and Christopher Edward Wilding were born during her second marriage to Michael Wilding. Michael is an actor and is married with three children, while Christopher is also an actor and film director and is married with one child.

Elizabeth had her third child, Liza Todd, during her short-lived marriage to Michael Todd. Their marriage began in 1957 but lasted less than a year before Michael tragically died in a plane crash in March 1958 when their daughter was less than one year old.

Elizabeth’s fourth and last child, Maria Burton McKeown, was adopted from Germany during her brief marriage to Eddie Fisher. However, after her divorce from Fisher, Maria was re-adopted by Elizabeth’s ex-husband, Richard Burton.

Elizabeth Taylor’s marriages to Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton were highly publicized. She married Fisher in 1959, and their marriage lasted about five years before they divorced in 1964. Shortly after, Elizabeth married Richard Burton in 1964, but they divorced in 1974. However, they remarried in 1975 and divorced again in 1976. Their tumultuous relationship garnered significant attention from the media and the public.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Children

Elizabeth Taylor’s children in order of their birth are:

  1. Michael Howard Wilding Jr.
  2. Christopher Edward Wilding.
  3. Elizabeth “Liza” Frances Todd.
  4. Maria Burton McKeown.

It is important to note that Elizabeth Taylor’s children are all adults and have their own families. They have carried on their mother’s legacy in various ways, whether through their careers or philanthropic endeavors.

1. Michael Howard Wilding Jr.

Elizabeth Taylor's Children

Michael Wilding Jr. is an actor and the eldest child of Elizabeth Taylor. He was born on January 6, 1953, and is currently 71 years old as of 2024. Michael has been married twice.

From his first marriage to Betty Clutter, he has a daughter named Laela Wilding, who is also an actress. From his second marriage to Brooke Palance, he has two children, a son named Tarquin Wilding and a daughter named Naomi Wilding. Tarquin is an actor, while Naomi is a yoga instructor and activist.

2. Christopher Edward Wilding

Elizabeth Taylor's Children

Christopher Wilding is the second son of Elizabeth Taylor. He was born on February 27, 1955, and is currently 69 years old as of 2024.

Christopher is involved in film editing and has worked behind the scenes in the movie industry. Like his brother Michael Jr., Chris has also been married twice: presently to Margaret Carlton with whom he has a child, and previously to Aileen Getty who is the mother of the first two of his three children.

3. Elizabeth “Liza” Frances Todd 

Elizabeth Taylor's Children

Liza Todd is the last birth child of Elizabeth Taylor. She was born Elizabeth Frances Todd on August 6, 1957, and is 66 years old as of 2024. Liza has been married and divorced.

She has two sons from her marriage to artist Hap Tivey, named Quinn Tivey and Rhys Tivey. Quinn is involved with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and organized an auction of Elizabeth’s possessions to support the foundation. Rhys is a talented musician.

4. Maria Burton McKeown

Maria Burton McKeown is Elizabeth Taylor’s adopted daughter and the 62-year-old Maria was born on August 1, 1961, in Munich, Germany before she was adopted by Elizabeth and her fourth husband, Eddie Fisher.

Elizabeth Taylor's Children

Later she was re-adopted by the late actress’ fifth husband, Richard Burton. Maria’s re-adoption occurred after Elizabeth and Richard married for the first time. Maria is a philanthropist and clothing designer in Idaho. She married Daniel S. Carson in 1981 and they had a daughter named Elizabeth Diane Carson, but their marriage didn’t last.

Carson allegedly took legal action for custody of their daughter in 1986, claiming that Maria had taken their daughter Elizabeth to her grandmother Elizabeth Taylor’s Los Angeles home without his knowledge. Further accusations were made that Maria was behaving irresponsibly.

Maria later wed Tom McKeown in 1992, and they had a son named Richard McKeown. Reports suggest that Richard faced difficulties in his upbringing and that his mother Maria filed a restraining order against his father at one point.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Grandchildren

Elizabeth Taylor has ten grandchildren, and it is important to note that before she died in 2011, she witnessed the birth of all her ten grandchildren.

Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren, listed in order of their birth, are:

  1. Laela Wilding.
  2. Naomi deLuce Wilding.
  3. Caleb Wilding.
  4. Andrew Wilding.
  5. Tarquin Wilding.
  6. Lowell Wilding.
  7. Quinn Tivey.
  8. Rhys Tivey.
  9. Eliza Carson.
  10. Richard McKeown.

Laela Wilding

Elizabeth Taylor's Children

Laela Wilding is the oldest grandchild of Elizabeth Taylor, born on July 25, 1971, to Michael Wilding Jr. and Johanna Lykke-Dahn. As of 2024, she is 52-years old.

Laela is a multi-talented individual who works as a graphic designer and yoga instructor. She is also an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, carrying on her grandmother’s legacy.

While the information available does not mention whether Laela is married or has children of her own, it is evident that she is actively involved in promoting her grandmother’s philanthropic work and making a positive impact in her own right.

Naomi deLuce Wilding

Born in 1976, 48-year-old Naomi deLuce Wilding is Elizabeth Taylor’s second grandchild and Laela Wilding’s sister. She manages the Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles alongside her husband, Anthony Gran. Notably, she serves as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, advocating for education and destigmatization surrounding the disease.

Laela Wilding (L) & Naomi deLuce Wilding

Reflecting on her grandmother’s activism, Naomi highlighted Elizabeth Taylor’s dedication, particularly at a 1992 London concert honoring Freddie Mercury, emphasizing the importance of fighting AIDS through education and unity.

She fondly recalled intimate moments with her superstar grandmother, reminiscing about seeing Taylor’s loving, welcoming nature behind the glamour – a transformation that unfolded even in simple moments like preparing in her dressing room.

Naomi emphasized that despite her grandmother’s superstar status, Taylor embodied warmth and love as a welcoming grandma.

Caleb Wilding

Elizabeth Taylor's Children

Caleb Wilding, Elizabeth Taylor’s eldest grandson, entered the world in 1983. The 41-year-old is the son of Christopher Wilding and Aileen Getty, granddaughter of oil magnate J. Paul Getty.

Caleb was adopted in 1983 by Christopher and Aileen and gained a brother a year later. Preferring privacy, Caleb has shunned the public eye, leading to limited information about his life. Allegedly, he shares an interest in motorcycles, mirroring his cousin Tarquin Wilding.

Andrew Wilding

Andrew Wilding, born in 1984, is the second grandson of Elizabeth Taylor, being the offspring of Christopher Wilding and Aileen Getty. Like his famous grandmother, Andrew also works in the film industry. However, he opted for a role behind the camera.

Elizabeth Taylor's Children

While his IMDb profile includes two acting credits, his notable contributions revolve around cinematography and production.

His choice to delve into filmmaking echoes Taylor’s legacy, albeit in a distinct capacity, showcasing his prowess as a cinematographer and producer, distinguishing him from his grandmother’s prominent on-screen presence.

Tarquin Wilding

Tarquin Wilding is the half-brother of Naomi and Laela Wilding and was born in 1989 to Michael Jr. and Brooke Palance. The 35-year-old reflects on the fortune of being part of his unique, caring family.

Recognizing the legacy of his grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor, known for her immense generosity, Tarquin acknowledges the collective gratitude within his family to uphold and continue her philanthropic work.

Elizabeth Taylor's Children

A filmmaker and motorcycle enthusiast, he’s also dabbled in acting, notably appearing in a 2015 episode of Shameless. Tarquin serves as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, deeply inspired by his grandmother’s remarkable courage and limitless generosity.

He fervently expresses his commitment to carrying forward her legacy by actively contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS, aspiring for a future devoid of this disease. He aspires to witness an AIDS-free generation, a goal that motivates his involvement in securing a brighter tomorrow for those affected by the illness.

Tarquin resonates with his grandmother’s tenacity and aims to perpetuate her legacy by championing the cause for a world where HIV/AIDS is no longer a threat.

Lowell Wilding

Lowell Wilding was born in 1991 to Christopher Wilding and Margaret Carlton. The 33-year-old dedicates himself to two significant endeavors tied to his iconic grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Grand Children – Lowell Wilding

One key role involves overseeing the Elizabeth Taylor Archive, a vital project under the Elizabeth Taylor Trust’s umbrella. In addition, he actively serves as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Expressing profound admiration for his grandmother’s impactful contributions, Lowell acknowledges her relentless dedication to alleviating the plight of those affected by HIV/AIDS. He reveres her choices, noting that despite the option to remain passive, she chose to combat, care, and advocate for individuals facing these challenges.

Eager to carry forward Elizabeth Taylor’s impactful legacy, Lowell is committed to preserving her accomplishments and sustaining her humanitarian efforts. He articulates a personal commitment to continuing her legacy by contributing his efforts toward this cause.

His involvement in both archiving her history and championing the foundation exemplifies his dedication to upholding her memory and making a meaningful impact in the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS.

Quinn Tivey

Elizabeth Taylor’s Grand Children – Quinn Tivey

Quinn Tivey is the son of Liza Todd and artist Happy Tivey. Born in 1986, 38-year-old Quinn shared intimate memories of his grandmother, the iconic Elizabeth Taylor, with Town & Country.

To him, she was simply “Grandma,” a companion for cozy chats and movie marathons. Despite this familial closeness, Quinn recognized her vast impact beyond their bond.

Upon hearing heartfelt stories of how Elizabeth Taylor’s endeavors touched countless lives, Quinn and his cousin Lowell felt profoundly moved. This emotional resonance ignited a desire to deepen their involvement.

Quinn expressed a newfound commitment, feeling a pull to immerse himself further in his grandmother’s legacy. This led to a realization of the importance for the family to engage in preserving and continuing her impactful work actively.

His journey as an artist and co-trustee of the Elizabeth Taylor Trust was spurred by this revelation, emphasizing the significance of familial involvement in upholding her legacy.

Quinn’s connection to his grandmother transcends personal affection, evolving into a profound dedication to honor and perpetuate her enduring influence.

Rhys Tivey

Rhys Tivey is the second child of Hap Tivey and Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter Liza Todd. He bagged a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance at New York University. Applying his expertise, he engaged with various after-school nonprofit groups within the New York City public school system.

Alongside his professional pursuits, Rhys is known for his strong commitment to veganism. Rhys, speaking about his grandmother’s approach in 2017, praised her for tackling challenges head-on, aiming for the toughest and least expected solutions initially.

Elizabeth Carson

Maria Burton, the daughter of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, is a proud mother to Elizabeth Carson, her daughter from her first marriage with Daniel S. Carson. Elizabeth, born in 1982, was named after her iconic grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor, becoming Taylor’s ninth grandchild. Elizabeth is also a mother herself, with a 19-year-old son named Christian.

Recalling heartwarming moments, Elizabeth cherishes the times her grandmother personally styled her hair and makeup for her junior and senior proms. However, a fun trip to Sephora together took an unexpected turn when Elizabeth’s famous grandmother was recognized, prompting a swift exit after an initially enjoyable start.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Grand Children – Elizabeth Carson

Despite her lineage, Elizabeth Carson has pursued her impactful career. She works as a social worker in New York City and holds a significant role as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Reflecting on her grandmother’s legacy, Elizabeth acknowledges Taylor’s strategic use of her fame to shed light on AIDS—an illness often met with fear and denial.

Elizabeth passionately champions the cause, recognizing the progress made in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. In her role within the Department of Child Protection, she is moved to tears when she witnesses instances of babies born to HIV+ mothers testing negative due to advancements in medication and prevention. She attributes these positive outcomes to her grandmother’s advocacy and the shared dedication of others passionate about the cause.

Elizabeth Carson’s deep gratitude towards her grandmother’s advocacy work echoes through her commitment to continuing the fight against HIV/AIDS. Her personal and professional experiences fuel her dedication to making a difference in the lives affected by this disease, standing as a testament to her family’s enduring legacy in philanthropy and social change.

Richard McKeown

Elizabeth Taylor’s youngest grandchild is Richard McKeown, the child of Maria Burton and ex-husband Tom McKeown. As previously indicated, Elizabeth adopted Maria during the final stages of her fourth marriage to Eddie Fisher.

Other than the fact that he was born in 2001, information about Richard remains limited. However, a report from Wales Online in 2004 mentioned Maria’s action of filing a restraining order against Richard’s father.


Did Elizabeth Taylor Have Children?

Yes, Elizabeth Taylor had four children: three biological and one adopted.

Who are Elizabeth Taylor’s Children?

Elizabeth Taylor’s children are Michael Howard Wilding Jr., Christopher Edward Wilding, Elizabeth “Liza” Frances Todd, and Maria Burton McKeown.

Who are Elizabeth Taylor’s Grandchildren?

Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren are Laela Wilding, Naomi deLuce Wilding, Caleb Wilding, Andrew Wilding, Tarquin Wilding, Lowell Wilding, Quinn Tivey, Rhys Tivey, Eliza Carson, and Richard McKeown.

Who is Elizabeth Taylor’s Look-alike Granddaughter?

Elizabeth Taylor’s look-alike granddaughter is Laela Wilding. Laela bears a striking resemblance to her famous grandmother and is carrying on her work as a humanitarian through the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

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