Nicole Fernández: Getting To Know Albert Pujols’ Wife

Nicole Fernández is the wife of Albert Pujols, a renowned former baseball player. The couple, who recently tied the knot, have been together since they went public with their relationship in late 2022.

Albert Pujol’s wife, who is the daughter of former Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernández, was born in 1987, and so is 37 years old as of 2024.

Summary of Nicole Fernández’s Bio

  • Full name: Nicole Fernández
  • Nickname: Nikky
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1987
  • Place of birth: Dominican Republic
  • Nicole Fernández’s Age: 37 years old
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Nationality: Dominican
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Nicole Fernández’s Husband: Albert Pujols
  • Nicole Fernández’s Parents: Leonel Fernández (father), Rocio Dominguez (mother)
  • Siblings: 2 – Omar Fernández Dominguez (brother), Yolanda América Maria Fernádez Cedeño (half-sister)
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Black
  • Profession: Journalist
  • Famous for: Being Albert Pujol’s wife

How Old is Nicole Fernández?

Nicole Fernández is 37 years old as of 2024. She was born in 1987 in the Dominican Republic, making her a citizen of the Dominican Republic by birth.

Not much is known about Nicole’s early life and formal educational background but she has a pretty remarkable family background, which is rooted in her father’s political background in the Dominican Republic.

Nicole Fernández’s Father is a Former President of The Dominican Republic

Nicole Fernandez’s father, Leonel Fernández, is a former president of the Dominican Republic. He started as a lawyer and currently serves as the President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations.

Nicole’s father is a prominent Dominican lawyer and politician who has had a significant impact on the political landscape of the Dominican Republic. Born on December 26, 1953, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernández is currently 70 years old as of 2024.

Fernández possesses an impressive educational background. He is a lawyer by profession and has also excelled in academia. His areas of expertise include press freedom, history, sociology, communication, and foreign relations. This diverse educational background undoubtedly contributed to his success in the political arena.

Fernández’s political journey began in 1996 when he was elected as the 50th President of the Dominican Republic, representing the Dominican Liberation Party. He served his first term from 1996 to 2000, focusing on technological and infrastructural development, as well as macroeconomic and monetary stability. Recognizing his achievements, he was re-elected for a second term in 2004, serving until 2012. During his time in office, Fernández prioritized the development of the country and worked towards strengthening its economy.

In addition to his presidency, Fernández has made significant contributions on the global stage. He founded the Foundation for Global Democracy and Development and is actively involved in various foreign councils and institutions. This involvement reflects his commitment to promoting democracy and development not only within the Dominican Republic but also beyond its borders.

Fernández’s political career has been marked by dedication and a passion for public service. His accomplishments, including his three terms as President of the Dominican Republic, have solidified his position as a respected and influential figure in Dominican politics. Presently, Fernández continues to play a vital role in international affairs as the President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations.

Nicole Fernández’s Mother and Siblings are Also Very Important Components of Her Family Background

While her father, Leonel Fernández, undoubtedly stands out when relating to Nicole Fernández’s family background, it is crucial to recognize the fact that her mother, Rocio Dominguez, and siblings, Omar Fernández Dominguez (brother) and Yolanda América Maria Fernádez Cedeño (half-sister), are also very important components of her family background.

Not much is known about her mother and half-sister, but her younger brother Omar followed in the footsteps of their father as a politician and has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic since 2020. The scope and scale of his influence in that regard have yet to be unveiled, but only time will tell if he will match or surpass his father’s impressive achievements as a politician.

How Long was Nicole Fernández Albert Pujols’ Girlfriend?

Nicole Fernández was Albert Pujols’ girlfriend for about a year before they eventually got married. The couple met shortly after Pujols’ divorce from his previous wife, Diedre, in April 2022. The couple went public with their relationship in October 2022. They announced their relationship via social media following Pujols’ divorce and have been enjoying their time together since then.

Nicole Fernández caught Pujols’ attention a little while before his divorce from Diedre, and their romance blossomed immediately after he ended things with his ex-wife. It is unclear exactly where and how they met, as specific details have yet to be revealed to the media and general public. However, it’s likely that they crossed paths through their connections in the baseball world or through social events in the Dominican Republic.

As for the duration of their relationship, since they went public in October 2022, it can be estimated that Nicole Fernández was Albert Pujols’ girlfriend for about a year until their recent marriage announcement in late 2022.

Overall, Albert Pujols and Nicole Fernández’s relationship began after his divorce, and they have enjoyed their time together as a couple. Although specific details about their initial meeting are not available, they have embraced their love and support for each other publicly.

When Did Nicole Fernandez Become Albert Pujols’ Wife?

Nicole Fernández became Albert Pujols’ wife on September 2, 2023. The couple exchanged marital vows at a private ceremony that likely had only close friends and family members in attendance. The couple’s marital union has only lasted a few months.

Given how relatively recent their union is, it is almost no surprise that Nicole and Albert do not have children yet. Also, their current ages suggest it is a situation that may never change.

Only time will tell, and you can be sure that we will bring you up to speed if anything changes in that regard. It is crucial though, to specify that Albert Pujols and ex-wife Deidre had four children: Albert Jr., Sophia, Ezra, and Esther Grace, together.

The ex-couple, who got married on January 1, 2000, ended their 22-year-old marital union on April 4, 2022, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. The news was announced shortly after Deidre had undergone surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Since Nicole Fernández is Albert Pujols’ current wife, she is technically the stepmother of Albert’s four children with his ex-wife, Deidre.

Nicole Fernández is Reportedly a Journalist

Nicole Fernandez, the wife of Albert Pujols, has been alleged to have a career as a journalist. However, specific details about her professional background and current work are not readily available. It is important to note that information regarding her alleged career as a journalist may be limited or unsubstantiated.

Albert Pujols, on the other hand, has had an illustrious baseball career. He recently announced his return to the St. Louis Cardinals for his final season. Pujols has played for multiple teams throughout his career, including the Los Angeles Angels, St. Louis Cardinals, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

He achieved numerous accolades and is considered one of the most decorated players in MLB history. Pujols hit his 700th home run in 2022, solidifying his place as one of the all-time greats in the sport.

Regarding net worth, Albert Pujols has accumulated significant wealth throughout his baseball career. As of 2021, his net worth was estimated to be around $170 million, a figure certainly more substantial than anything Nicole may have made from her alleged career as a journalist.


Is Albert Pujols Married?

Yes, Albert Pujol is married to Nicole Fernández. They tied the knot on September 2, 2023, at a private ceremony that featured only close friends and family members.

Is Nicole Fernandez From the Dominican Republic?

Yes, she is. As a matter of fact, she is the daughter of Leonel Fernández, a former Dominican Republic president.

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