Why Does Nick Cannon Have So Many Kids?

Nick Cannon has so many kids because he loves children. At least, that’s what he has said on more than a few occasions. Nick Cannon, so far, has twelve (12) children from six different women. The names of his children are Monroe, Moroccan, Golden, Powerful, Zion, Zillion, Zen (deceased), Legendary, Onyx, Rise, Beautiful, and Halo.

While some question the circumstances surrounding his large family, Cannon has been open about his intentional and consensual relationships with the mothers of his children. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Cannon’s decision to have so many kids, examining his perspectives on love, family, and the challenges he faces as a father.

How Many Kids Does Nick Cannon Have?

Nick Cannon has fathered 12 children. He has children with six different women, including his ex-wife Mariah Carey and “Selling Sunset” star Bre Tiesi. Each pregnancy was planned and intentional, and Cannon has been open about his love for all his children.

The American entertainer shares twins Moroccan and Monroe with Mariah Carey; sons Golden Sagon and Rise Messiah Cannon, and daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell; twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, and daughter Beautiful Zeppelin with Abby De La Rosa; son Legendary Love with Bre Tiesi; and daughter Onyx Ice Cole with LaNisha Cole.

Cannon is also the father to two children with Alyssa Scott – son Zen, who died at five months old in December 2021 after being diagnosed with brain cancer, and daughter Halo Marie Cannon, born on December 14, 2022.

Despite facing criticism for his growing family, he maintains that he loves each child equally and acknowledges the emotional impact of the scrutiny. Cannon reportedly spends $200,000 a year taking his children to Disneyland, showcasing his commitment to providing them with memorable experiences.

Why Does Nick Cannon Keep Having Kids?

Nick Cannon keeps having kids because he intentionally wants to have multiple children and loves being a father. His love for children is one of the main reasons why he continues to expand his family. Cannon has expressed his joy in being a father and his desire to provide love and support to his children.

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However, his decision to have multiple children has also garnered criticism. People question the practicality and responsibility of having such a large family, especially considering his other commitments and health condition.

Cannon has faced backlash for his unconventional fatherhood plans, with some arguing that he should prioritize his health and existing children instead of continuously expanding his family.

It is unclear whether Cannon’s childhood and upbringing have directly influenced his choice to have multiple children. However, growing up in a large family himself might have shaped his perspective on family dynamics and influenced his desire to have a big family of his own.

Despite facing criticism and managing a life-threatening health condition, Lupus Kidney Disease, Cannon remains active and committed to being a good father to all of his children. He continues to embrace fatherhood and finds joy in raising his expanding brood.

What are Nick Cannon’s Kids’ Names?

Here is a table of Nick Cannon’s children’s names in order of birth, as well as the names of their mothers:


Date of Birth


Monroe Cannon April 30, 2011 Mariah Carey
Moroccan Scott Cannon April 30, 2011 Mariah Carey
Golden “Sagon” Cannon February 21, 2017 Brittany Bell
Powerful Queen Cannon December 23, 2020 Brittany Bell
Zion Mixolydian Cannon June 14, 2021 Abby De La Rosa
Zillion Heir Cannon June 14, 2021 Abby De La Rosa
Zen Cannon Born June 23, 2021, died December 2021 Alyssa Scott
Legendary Love Cannon June 14, 2022 Bre Tiesi
Onyx Ice Cole Cannon September 14, 2022 LaNisha Cole
Rise Messiah Cannon September 23, 2022 Brittany Bell
Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon November 11, 2022 Abby De La Rosa
Halo Marie Cannon December 14, 2022 Alyssa Scott


Note: The list may be subject to change as Nick Cannon continues to have more children.

Nick Cannon’s Kids’ Birthdays



Monroe Cannon April 30
Moroccan Scott Cannon April 30
Golden “Sagon” Cannon February 21
Powerful Queen Cannon December 23
Zion Mixolydian Cannon June 14
Zillion Heir Cannon June 14
Zen Cannon June 23 (deceased)
Legendary Love Cannon June 14
Onyx Ice Cole Cannon September 14
Rise Messiah Cannon September 23
Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon November 11
Halo Marie Cannon December 14


Nick Cannon’s Children’s Timeline

Nick Cannon has had a total of 12 children with six different women over the span of 11 years. His journey as a father began in 2011 when he welcomed twins, Moroccan and Monroe, with his then-wife Mariah Carey. In 2017, Cannon had a child named Golden with Brittany Bell, and in 2020, they welcomed their second child together.

The year 2021 proved to be eventful for Cannon as he became a father to twins again, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, with Abby De La Rosa. Tragically, in the same year, he also experienced the loss of a child with Alyssa Scott, who passed away from brain cancer.

Continuing his journey in 2022, Cannon had a child named Powerful Queen with Bre Tiesi. He also welcomed two more children that year, one with LaNisha Cole and another with Brittany Bell. Finally, in December 2022, Cannon became a father once again with Alyssa Scott, bringing the total count of his children to 12.

Cannon’s timeline of fatherhood showcases the diversity of his relationships and the bonds he has formed with his children. Despite the challenges that come with having a large family, Cannon has expressed his dedication to being a good father and provider. He pays more than $3 million annually in child support, highlighting his commitment to his children’s well-being.

While Cannon had considered getting a vasectomy, he put those plans on hold after welcoming his most recent child in December 2022. His journey as a father has been marked by both joys and challenges, and he continues to prioritize his children’s happiness and upbringing.

How Many Twins Does Nick Cannon Have?

Nick Cannon has two sets of twins with two different women – popular singer Mariah Carey and professional DJ Abby de la Rosa. His first set of twins, Monroe and Moroccan Scott, were born in 2011 to his former spouse, Mariah Carey.

Nick Cannon's children
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Monroe and Moroccan are Nick’s children from his previous marriage, and he has expressed his love and admiration for them on multiple occasions. Nick mentioned that Monroe, in particular, was his “best therapist” and helped him cope with the loss of his son Zen, who passed away in 2021 from brain cancer.

Nick’s second set of twins, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir Cannon, were born in 2021 to professional DJ Abby de la Rosa. Although the details of Nick’s relationship with his second set of twins are not explicitly discussed, it can be inferred that he has a close bond with Zion and Zillion, considering his commitment to fatherhood and his love for all his children.

Overall, Nick Cannon has a total of 12 children from six different women. While he has had different relationships with each of the women, Nick has expressed his dedication to co-parenting and his love for all his children, demonstrating his commitment as a father.

Who are Nick Cannon’s Kids’ Mothers?

Nick Cannon’s kids’ mothers are:

  • Mariah Carey
  • Brittany Bell
  • Abby de la Rosa
  • Bre Tiesi
  • LaNisha Cole
  • Alyssa Scott

Nick Cannon Has Two Children With Ex-wife Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon’s first children, Moroccan and Monroe, were born in 2011 to his then-wife Mariah Carey. Cannon and Carey met on the set of her music video for “Bye Bye” in 2008.

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They got married in April 2008 after a whirlwind romance and had a lavish ceremony. However, their marriage faced challenges, and they separated in 2014. They officially divorced in 2016 but continue to co-parent their children.

Despite their separation, Cannon has referred to Carey as his “homegirl” and expressed his love and support for all of his children. Their good relationship allows them to effectively co-parent their kids.

Brittany Bell Has Three Children for Nick Cannon

Brittany Bell is the mother of three of Nick Cannon’s twelve children. She is a model, former NBA dancer, host, and beauty queen. She has a master’s degree in psychology and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree. Brittany Bell and Nick Cannon have had an on-and-off relationship over the years.

They first met in 2014 and started dating shortly after. During their relationship, they had three children together. Their first child, a son named Golden “Sagon” Cannon, was born in 2017. Their second child, a daughter named Powerful Queen Cannon, was born in 2020. Recently, in September 2022, they welcomed their third child, a son named Rise Messiah Cannon.

While the details of their separation are not explicitly discussed, it is clear that they have gone their separate ways at least once. Despite their separation, Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell maintain a strong co-parenting relationship for the sake of their children. This indicates that they are able to put aside any differences they may have had and prioritize the well-being of their kids.

The breakup between Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell does impact Nick’s relationship with the children they have together. However, based on the available information, it seems that the impact is a positive one.

Nick Cannon has expressed his excitement about being a father and has emphasized that there is no competition between the mothers of his children. This suggests that Nick Cannon is committed to being present in his children’s lives and maintaining a healthy relationship with all of his children, regardless of his relationship status with their mothers.

Abby De La Rosa and Nick Cannon Also Have Three Children

Abby De La Rosa and Nick Cannon have twin sons and a daughter together. Their relationship started around 2020, and they became parents to twin sons in June 2021.

Nick Cannon's children
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De La Rosa has been open about their relationship, describing it as polyamorous, where they have the freedom to explore connections with other people. However, during her pregnancy, she mentioned being monogamous, indicating a temporary shift in their dynamic.

The breakup between De La Rosa and Cannon doesn’t seem to have a significant impact on his relationship with their children. Cannon has been actively involved in his children’s lives and has a strong bond with them. He has been praised for his dedication to fatherhood and his commitment to co-parenting.

It is important to note that while their relationship may have ended romantically, both De La Rosa and Cannon remain committed to raising their children together and providing them with love and support. The breakup does not appear to have strained Nick Cannon’s relationship with the children they have together, as he continues to prioritize his role as a father.

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon Have a Son Together

Bre Tiesi is mainly known for her relationship with Nick Cannon. They have a son together, but their relationship has faced both positive and negative attention.

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Tiesi and Cannon first met years ago on the set of Cannon’s show “Wild N’ Out.” They started off as friends and eventually developed a romantic relationship. Tiesi joined the reality show “Selling Sunset” in August 2022, where their relationship became a topic of controversy among her co-stars due to Cannon’s extensive history of having children with multiple women. Despite the criticism, Tiesi defended her situation, stating that she can take care of herself and her child and that Cannon is not her financial support.

Unfortunately, their relationship eventually ended, leading to a breakup. The exact timeline of their separation is unclear. Additionally, there were speculations that their breakup may impact Nick Cannon’s relationship with their child, but given Cannon’s track record of being present and reliable for his children from previous relationships, those speculations were quickly dispelled.

LaNisha Cole Also Has One Child With Nick Cannon

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LaNisha Cole is one of the women Nick Cannon has been in a relationship with and has a child with. However, there is limited information available about their relationship timeline and when they went their separate ways.

It is known that LaNisha Cole is the mother of one of Nick Cannon’s children, but the specific details of their relationship, such as when they met and when they broke up, are not readily available.

Overall, while there is limited information available about Nick Cannon’s relationship with LaNisha Cole and the impact of their breakup on their child, it can be assumed that Nick Cannon maintains an active and involved role in his child’s life, as he does with his other children.

Alyssa Scott’s Relationship With Nick Cannon Led To The Birth of Two Children

Alyssa Scott is a model who gained attention for her relationship with Nick Cannon. They first met on the set of Cannon’s show, Wild ‘N Out. Their relationship became public when Scott announced her pregnancy in January 2021. In June 2021, they welcomed their son, Zen. Unfortunately, Zen passed away from a brain tumor in December 2021.

Nick Cannon's children
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It is unclear whether Cannon and Scott officially went their separate ways after Zen’s passing. However, they welcomed their second child, Halo Marie Cannon, on December 14, 2022. This suggests that they may still be in a relationship or have reconciled.


How many kids does Nick Cannon have with Maria Carey? 

Nick Cannon has two kids with Maria Carey. The two, who were born twins, are the first of his twelve children.

Who are Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s kids?

Nick Cannon’s kids with Maria Carey are Monroe and Moroccan Scott. The twins were born on April 30, 2011, and are 13 years old.

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