Liza Todd: Who is Elizabeth Taylor’s Daughter and Where is She Today?

Liza Todd is the daughter of Elizabeth Taylor, the iconic Hollywood actress. Despite her famous lineage, Liza has chosen to carve her path and retreat from the spotlight. Living on a modest farm in Hudson, New York, she immerses herself in her passion for sculpting and finds solace surrounded by her animals and artwork.

Liza’s childhood was marked by tragedy, with her father’s untimely death and her mother’s multiple marriages. However, she and her siblings had a relatively normal upbringing and remained close to their mother. Today, Liza continues to pursue her artistic endeavors while keeping her identity well-guarded.

Summary of Liza Todd’s Bio

  • Full name: Elizabeth “Liza” Frances Todd Tivey
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 6, 1957
  • Liza Todd’s Age: 66 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Liza Todd’s Ex-Husband: Hap Tivey (m. 1984, d. 2003)
  • Liza Todd’s Children: 2 – Queen Tivey and Rhys Tivey
  • Liza Todd’s Parents: Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Todd
  • Siblings: Michael Howard Wilding Jr. (half-brother), Christopher Edward Wilding (half-brother), and Maria McKeown Burton (adopted sister)
  • Liza Todd’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Liza Todd’s Height in Centimeters: 175 cm
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Profession: Former Actress and Sculptor
  • Liza Todd’s Net Worth: Est. $1 – 5 million
  • Famous for: Being Elizabeth Taylor’s Daughter

Who is Elizabeth Taylor’s Daughter, Lisa Todd?

Liza Todd is the daughter of the iconic movie star Elizabeth Taylor. She was born Elizabeth Frances Todd on August 6, 1957, in the United States, and is currently 66 as of 2024. Liza Todd is an American citizen by birth and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.

Growing up with a famous mother meant that Liza spent a lot of her formative years in the limelight. However, very little information is available about her early life and formal educational background.

Liza Todd was born to the late British-American actress Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor and the late theatrical impresario/movie producer Michael “Mike” Todd. Her father tragically passed away in a plane crash when she was just under a year old, while her mother died of congestive heart failure on March 23, 2011.

Throughout her life, Liza had several stepfathers, including Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton, John Warner, and Larry Fortensky. However, she was closest to Richard Burton, who eventually adopted her.

Liza Todd’s Parents Were Married At The Time Of Her Birth

Liza Todd’s parents Michael Todd and Elizabeth Taylor were married at the time of her birth. It is essential, however, to mention the fact that her mother was already three months pregnant with her when her parents tied the knot in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, on February 2, 1957.

The union between Liza’s parents was relatively short, lasting just over a year, but was packed with dramatic events. For instance, her father Michael Todd, known for publicity stunts, encouraged the media attention to their marriage, and in June 1957, he threw a birthday party at Madison Square Garden, which was attended by 18,000 guests and broadcast on CBS.

As indicated earlier, Liza Todd’s parents’ marriage was cut short by her father’s death in a plane crash on March 22, 1958. Several sources have reported that It was an event that devastated Liza’s mother.

Liza Todd’s Siblings

While she is technically her parents’ only child together, Liza Todd has three half-siblings: Michael Howard Wilding Jr., Christopher Edward Wilding, and Maria Burton, from her mother’s other marriages.

Her half-brothers, Michael Howard and Christopher Edward Wilding, were born during her mother’s five-year marriage to British actor Michael Wilding. Michael was born on January 6, 1953, while Christopher was born just over two years later on February 27, 1955.

Liza Todd’s adopted sister Maria McKeown Burton was adopted by her mother during her marriage to Eddie Fisher and later re-adopted by Richard Burton when he married Liza’s mother Elizabeth Taylor. Maria was born in 1961.

Liza Todd Burton’s Grandparents

Liza Todd has a rich lineage with notable grandparents on both her maternal and paternal sides.

Liza Todd Burton’s Maternal Grandparents

On her maternal side, Liza Todd’s grandparents are Francis Lenn Taylor and Sara Sothern. Francis Lenn Taylor, commonly known as Francis Taylor, was born on December 28, 1897, in Springfield, Illinois.

Lisa Todd

He was an art dealer and a former officer in the United States Navy. Taylor had a passion for art and was involved in the art business for many years. He met and married Sara Sothern, an actress, in 1926. He died on November 20, 1968, at the age of 71.

Sara Sothern, born on August 21, 1895, as Sarah Viola Warmbrodt, was an American stage and film actress. She was born in Missouri and began her acting career in the 1910s.

Sothern was known for her work on stage and in silent films. She appeared in several successful Broadway productions, including “The Copperhead” and “The Lady in Ermine,” before transitioning to films. Sothern starred in movies such as “The Whispering Chorus” and “The Woman God Forgot.” She died on September 11, 1994, at the age of 99.

Together, Francis Lenn Taylor and Sara Sothern had two children: Elizabeth Taylor and Howard Taylor (1929 – 2020). Elizabeth Taylor, of course, became one of the most iconic actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

She won two Academy Awards for Best Actress and starred in numerous successful films, including “Cleopatra,” “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Elizabeth Taylor’s fame and beauty made her a global icon, and she was widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Liza Todd Burton’s Paternal Grandparents

On her paternal side, Liza Todd’s grandparents are Chaim Goldbogen, an orthodox rabbi, and Sophia Hellerman, a homemaker. They were both Polish immigrants who landed in the United States on the day World War I ended. They had nine children including Liza’s father Michael Todd who was the youngest.

Michael Todd, also known as Mike Todd, was an influential figure in the American theater and film industry. He gained recognition for producing the iconic movie “Around the World in 80 Days,” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1956.

Todd’s career was marked by his relentless pursuit of innovation and his ability to take risks. He played a significant role in the development of the Todd-AO widescreen film format, revolutionizing the cinematic experience.

Born to Polish Jewish immigrants in Minneapolis, Todd had a challenging childhood. He dropped out of high school and took on various jobs before entering the construction business.

However, his passion for the arts led him to become a theatrical impresario, achieving success on Broadway with productions like “The Hot Mikado”. Throughout his career, Todd produced a total of 30 Broadway shows.

Despite his achievements, Todd faced numerous financial setbacks and experienced multiple bankruptcies throughout his volatile business career. However, his resilience and determination allowed him to bounce back time and again. Todd’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset paved the way for his success in the entertainment industry.

Although not much is known about Liza Todd’s paternal grandparents, their legacy lived on through their son, Michael Todd, and now through their granddaughter, Liza Todd.

While Liza Todd’s grandparents on both sides had different backgrounds and careers, their influence and legacy undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping the talented and accomplished individuals that they raised.

Liza Todd was Married For Nearly Two Decades

Liza Todd was a married woman for nearly two decades of her life. She was married to Hap Tivey, but they have since gone their separate ways.

Liza Todd and Hap Tivey met in the early 1980s. They started dating shortly after meeting and dated for a few years before deciding to tie the knot. The exact timeline of their dating period is unknown. The former couple got married in 1984. However, the finer details about their wedding ceremony, including the location and venue, appear to have taken a back seat to all other aspects of their union.

Like any marriage, Liza and Hap’s relationship faced its fair share of challenges. Unfortunately, the specific challenges they encountered are subject to speculation.

Liza and Hap’s marriage lasted for 19 years, until their divorce in 2003. The reasons for their divorce are unspecified at the moment. However, despite their separation, they have managed to remain friends for the sake of their children.

Does Liza Todd Have Children?

Yes, she does. Liza Todd has two children, sons named Quinn Tivey and Rhys Tivey. They were born during her 19-year marriage to artist Hap Tivey.

However, specific information about their birth dates and locations is unknown. As of 2024, Quinn and Rhys would be in their late thirties or early forties, considering their mother’s age and the timeline of her marriage to Hap Tivey.

Quinn Tivey and Rhys Tivey have followed creative paths in their careers. Rhys is involved in the entertainment industry as a singer. It’s worth noting that Liza Todd herself is an accomplished sculptor and former actress, so her artistic background may have influenced her son Rhys’ interests and pursuits.

On the other hand, Quinn has mainly worked as an officer and ambassador of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation for a few years now.

There is no information available about whether Quinn and Rhys Tivey have families or children of their own. However, it is not beyond the realm of possibilities given their respective ages. Nonetheless, it is not possible to provide any details regarding their marital status or parenthood as a result.

Liza Todd Has Led a Multifaceted Career as an Actress and Sculptor

Liza Todd, Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter, has led a multifaceted career, starting with her foray into acting, and later into sculpting. Although she preferred to live a private life, she did have some experience in the entertainment industry. However, details about her acting career are limited, and it is unclear how successful she was in this field.

In recent years, Liza Todd has primarily focused on her career as a sculptor. She has embraced her passion for art and has dedicated herself to creating sculptures. Liza currently lives in upstate New York, where she pursues her artistic endeavors. While information regarding the success of her sculpting career is scarce, her dedication to her craft suggests that she has found fulfillment in this artistic pursuit.

The reasons for Liza Todd’s career switch from acting to sculpting are not explicitly mentioned in the search results. However, it can be inferred that she may have chosen to shift her focus to lead a more private and fulfilling life away from the public eye. Liza’s decision to distance herself from the Hollywood world and live a quiet lifestyle indicates a desire for personal fulfillment and artistic expression without the pressures of fame.

In terms of comparing Liza Todd’s career to those of her parents, Michael Todd and Elizabeth Taylor, it is important to note that Liza has chosen a different path. While her parents were highly successful in the entertainment industry, Liza has deliberately sought a more secluded and independent life. Her parents’ fame and success may have influenced her decision to explore other avenues and find her own identity as an artist.

Overall, Liza Todd has transitioned from an acting career to becoming a sculptor, focusing on her passion for art and leading a private life. While her success in the entertainment industry is relatively unknown, her dedication to her current artistic pursuits suggests a level of success and fulfillment in her career as a sculptor.

Liza’s decision to switch careers and distance herself from the Hollywood world may have been influenced by a desire for personal fulfillment and a need to establish her own identity separate from her famous parents.

Where is Liza Todd Today?

Liza has chosen to distance herself from her famous lineage and rarely discusses her mother. She prefers to live a quiet life in Hudson, NY, in a secluded countryside location. Despite being the daughter of one of the most celebrated Hollywood stars, Liza has chosen to step away from the entertainment industry.

Liza Todd is known for her protective nature when it comes to her identity and lineage. She has even denied her famous lineage at times. Despite the challenges she faced in her childhood, including her father’s untimely death and her mother’s multiple marriages, Liza has pursued her dreams and found success as a sculptor.

Although she lives modestly, Liza inherited a significant fortune from her mother’s estate. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. Liza’s quiet and contented lifestyle away from the public eye reflects her desire for privacy and a sense of peace.

Summary of Liza Todd’s Life, Elizabeth Taylor’s Daughter

Full Name Elizabeth Frances Todd
Date of Birth August 6, 1957
Parentage Daughter of Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd
Early Life Grew up in the spotlight due to her mother’s fame; and experienced tragedy early with the death of her father, Mike Todd, in a plane crash in 1958.
Siblings Half-brothers Michael Wilding Jr. and Christopher Wilding (from Elizabeth Taylor’s marriage to Michael Wilding), and half-brother John Warner (from Elizabeth Taylor’s marriage to John Warner).
Career Liza Todd has maintained a low public profile and has not pursued a career in the entertainment industry like her mother. She is known to have a passion for sculpture and has worked as a sculptor.
Personal Life She has kept her personal life private. There is limited public information about her marriage or children.
Current Status Liza Todd leads a life away from the public eye. Precise details about her current whereabouts or activities are not widely known or publicized, as she has chosen to live a life largely out of the media spotlight.


Are Liza Todd’s Eyes Similar to Elizabeth Taylor’s Eyes?

In terms of their striking features, Liza Todd’s eyes are very similar to Elizabeth Taylor’s. Color-wise, however, Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes were a rare violet while Liza Todd’s are blue.

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