Inside the Life of Steve Cena, John Cena’s Brother

Steve Cena (born September 29, 1974; Age: 47 years old) is an American Puppet artist, voice-over actor, and stage performer best recognized as the older brother of John Cena, the WWE wrestler, actor, and musician.

Steve dabbled into the theater during his days in college, and since then, he has been hooked on entertainment even though he studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Steve is a confirmed gay; he has introduced his same-sex partner to the world through the reality TV show, Total Divas.

Summary of Steve Cena’s Biography

  • Full Name: Stephen Cena
  • Nickname: Steve Cena
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: September 29, 1974
  • Steve Cena’s Age: 47 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Gay
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: In a same-sex relationship
  • Steve Cena’s Husband: Darlando
  • Steve Cena’s Parents: John Felix Anthony Cena Sr. and Carol Lupien
  • Siblings: John, Matt, Dan, and Sean Cena
  • Famous For: Being the brother of John Cena
  • Steve Cena’s Instagram: @thatstevecena
  • Twitter: @Stevecena9

How Old Is Steve Cena?

Born Stephen Cena on September 29, 1974, Steve is currently 47 years old. The first in a line of five boys, Steve was born to Johnny Fabulous – a former wrestling announcer whose real name is John Felix Anthony Cena Sr.

The senior Cena put in several years with Chaotic Wrestle before retiring for good. On the other hand, Stephen’s mother is Carol Lupien, the daughter of a former baseball player, Anthony Lupien.

Being born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, makes Steve Cena an America by nationality, though his ethnicity is listed as mixed. He got his English and French-Canadian blood from his mum, while his Italian heritage came from his father. Steve is an animal lover.

Steve Cena passed through Pentucket Regional High School, where he achieved his high school graduation in 1992. Contrary to popular belief, the eldest Cena brother did not study theatre arts in college but graduated from the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department of Vermont Technical College, where he earned an associate degree.

Steve Cena is John Cena’s Older Brother

Steve Cena and John Cena are direct brothers; he is three years John’s senior. John Cena is the family’s wrestling champion, actor, TV personality, and musician. The Cena brood consists of five brothers – Steve, John, Dan, Matt, and Sean Cena.

While John is the second, the family’s third son is Dan, who works and earns a living as a sergeant with the West Newbury Police department in the United States. Dan was born on October 3, 1978, and is two years older than Matt Cena, who is the fourth son of the Cena clan.

Born on October 28, 1980, Matthew Cena is a transportation manager, an automobile expert, a mortgage loan officer, a former bodybuilder, and a fitness model who has recorded appearances alongside his brother John on the front pages of fitness magazines. Last but not least among the Cena boys is Sean Cena.

Sean happens to be the quietest among his brothers; thus, it is hard to get info about his personal life. However, John once revealed that Sean survived an inoperable brain tumor that was at stage three but is now hale and hearty. However, he loves to conduct his affairs away from public scrutiny.

Sean once graced the set of John Cena: Word Life – a docu-series by John Cena. Steve Cena’s direct brothers are not the only members of his family who are in the limelight. His mother’s father, Tony Lupien, was a baseball standout in his days, and Natalie Enright Jerger, who works as a pc scientist, happens to be his cousin.

The Cena brothers are all grown up and leading separate lives, but they always come together on special occasions. Their family bond is a special one, as has been severally witnessed during John Cena’s wrestling matches when his family members will be rooting for his victory.

What Does Steve Cena do for a Living?

Steve Cena
Steve in stage performance (image source)

Like his younger brother John, Steve Cena also forged a career in the entertainment industry, albeit in a different direction. He is known as a puppet artist with a considerable collection of puppets he calls alter egos.

Steve is a stage actor who has recorded stage appearances in several productions; he has portrayed characters across multiple genres. The magnitude of emotions and realism he has displayed on stage is evident through his social media handles.

Steve Cena also functions as a voice-over artist. The first son of the Cena family is known for projects such as Bloody Island, Return to Clark Country, and more. Having studied computer science in college, Steve initially followed the career path of a computer systems administrator for a while in Rochester, New York.

However, he already established an interest in theatre during his college days. Muscle building is one thing the Cena brothers have in common, and Steve is not exempted. John will always be known as the most successful of the Cena brothers, but that is not to say that others like Steve are not doing well.

Steve Cena’s Social Media Handles

Steve Cena has established a presence on several social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. On his Twitter handle, @Stevecena9, the puppet artist has garnered over 158 followers. He opened his account in April 2015 and, to date, has twitted 29 times. On Instagram, his handle, @thatstevecena, has about 952 followers with 977 posts.

The kind of uploads to expect from his feeds are pictures of different dishes, glimpses of his stage performances, and his opinion on topical issues in the US. Steve Cena is interested in US politics and expresses enthusiasm on nationwide social occasions; this conclusion is derived from his tweets where he expresses his opinion on such issues.

Steve Cena’s Guest Appearance On the Set of Total Divas

Steve Cena has recorded a few guest appearances on TV. Notable among them is his appearance on the set of the reality show, Total Divas, where he came alongside his father, John Cena Sr. It was in 2013 that he graced the E! reality show. According to reports, Steve brought his partner, Darlando. Fans were given prior information about Steve coming on Total Divas by his brother John Cena.

Is Steve Gay?

Yes, Steve Cena is unapologetically gay. Though he appears to be the type that is averse to broadcasting the details of his personal life, the eldest Cena brother has officially introduced his same-sex partner to the world. While on the set of the E! reality show entitled, Total Divas, he made the official announcement about his sexual orientation in 2013. In fact, Steve brought his partner, Darlando, along.

From what is perceivable, Steve’s family accepts his sexual preferences, especially the WWE wrestling superstar, John Cena, who is a diehard supporter of the LGBTQ community.

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