Meet Ja’Marr Chase’s Ex-girlfriend Ambar Nicole

Ambar Nicole is the ex-girlfriend of Ja’Marr Chase, the NFL wide receiver. She is a model and social media personality. No one knows when they started dating, but their relationship came to public notice after Ambar took to IG to expose the physical abuse she suffered at the footballer’s hands.

Ambar Nicole’s Bio

  • Birthplace: United States
  • Career: Model and social media personality
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Partner: Je’Marr Chase (ex-boyfriend)

How Old is Ambar Nicole?

Ambar Nicole’s age is not known, as her date of birth has never surfaced in the media. In the same vein, nothing is known about her early life and family background, she is only listed as an American national, though her ethnicity has never earned a mention.

She Makes a Living on the Internet Space 

Ambar Nicole is listed as a model, social media star, and blogger. As a model, she has worked and walked for brands in the fashion industry. She is said to be registered under multiple agencies, but their names are unknown. The fashion model’s social media handles sport several of her modeling shots which depict her as a professional on the runway.

Ambar’s social media career led the American model to launch an account on Instagram. The internet personality shares content about her work as a model on the picture-sharing platform. She also posts stuff on beauty and has a lot to say about travel. Ambar never considered social media as an avenue for posting info about her personal life until she was forced to do so in 2021 following the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend, Je’Marr Chase.

Ambar was doing admirably well on Instagram and had already accumulated over 13k followers until the fight with her boyfriend led the model to pull down her pictures and videos. Her IG page is still in existence, but she once set it to private, which affected the accumulation of followers.

How Did Ja’Marr Chase and Nicole Meet?

To date, neither Ja’Marr Chase nor his baby mama have bothered to hint about how they met, when they first crossed paths, and the circumstances that orchestrated their meeting. Thus, this dearth of info has made it impossible to guess how long they spent in their relationship before it hit the rocks.

Is Ambar Nicole Still Je’Marr Chase’s Girlfriend?

Whether Ambar Nicole and Je’Marr Chase are still together is a question that is still begging for answers. No one knew that the footballer was in a relationship until the model burst onto Instagram with their controversial alleged dalliance, slamming him with allegations of physical violence.

Under normal circumstances, the IG model would focus her content on stuff relating to travel and beauty. However, on the 21st of August 2021, the influencer shocked fans with something out of the ordinary.

In her first post, Ambar revealed how she vowed never to bring her personal business to social media again but!!…” This obviously left fans curious about the concluding part of the seemingly juicy tale.

Her second post wasted no time in coming and she said, “putting your hands on a pregnant female is lame af!!! @Lahjay10_”. The Instagram star was obviously hinting about her boyfriend’s physical abuse, but the word “pregnant” was another story.

The post meant that she was expecting a baby with the abusive football star but she never deemed it necessary to say how far along her pregnancy might be.

Ambar Nicole didn’t forget to tag her baby daddy’s account, which has exceeded 300k followers.

Ambar then went to her IG handle to delete all her pictures leaving just one that she used in pinning a cryptic comment condemning how people keep attacking her wrongly while defending an abusive football star simply because he is deemed to be good at catching balls. People she said are destroying the confidence and mental health of a soon-to-be mother because they are stuck in the last century. She concluded by advising herself to stay strong.

With this said, we must also acknowledge previous posts from Ambar claiming that Ja’Marr was an unfaithful boyfriend that went after every woman that comes his way.

The football wide receiver never bothered to respond directly to all these allegations, but he later tweeted, “these fake pages be killing me bruh,” and many have interpreted it as a reply. Important to note that he never acknowledged Amber as his girlfriend and didn’t claim or disown the alleged pregnancy.

The last post from Amber happens to be a screenshot of a conversation she had with Chase, telling him she had conceived and he responded that she get a Plan B drug.

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