Unbelievable! Woman Caught With 83 Uncut Diamonds Stashed In Vagina And Underwear

A 43-year-old woman have been arrested by the police in eastern Zimbabwe. A report on Friday says the woman was hiding 83 uncut diamonds in her underwear and vagina when she was arrested at a roadblock in the eastern city of Mutare on Sunday.

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The middle aged woman, Vimbai Munjoma, together with five men, were on their way from the Chiadzwa diamond fields in a car when the police pulled them over.

Following a tip-off, detectives stopped the car and conducted a thorough search on the occupants and discovered the diamonds in the most obscure places.

Prosecutor Fletcher Karombe was quoted as saying;

A total of 16 pieces of diamonds were recovered from Munjoma’s pants.

After the external search, the woman was taken to a local hospital, where another 67 diamonds were found in her vagina. The state-owned Manica Post reported that 168 panners were arrested in Chiadzwa on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a falling rock crushed and killed three panners in Chiadzwa diamond fields last week. The mining firms operating in Chiadzwa had kept the panners out of the diamond fields, until the companies were ordered to stop operations entirely by the government late in February.

State-run Marange Resources was the only firm allowed to continue operations. The Marange Resources would be made part of the new Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company.

Mines Minister Walter Chidakwa was quoted as saying that a diamond auction would be held at the end of March to support the consolidation of mining activities.

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On a Friday report, Herald newspaper wrote that there was “no going back” on the consolidation of mining activities in Chiadzwa.

Speaking during an interview to mark his 92nd birthday, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe lamented that mining firms operating in Chiadzwa had “robbed” Zimbabwe of billions of dollars in gems.

Mugabe related that less than $2 billion was derived from diamond proceeds. He said;

We have not received much from the diamond industry at all.

He stressed;

Not much by the way of earnings. I don’t think we have exceeded $2 billion or so and yet we think that well over 15 or more billion dollars have been earned in that area.