Toilet Queue: See This Town In Kwazulu-Natal That Has Only Two Toilets


In the construction of a building, the toilet system is one basic feature that must be put in place for outright comfortability. Be it a house, a school, an office, a prayer ground, a hall etc, the absence of a toilet system mars the standard of such building. In order to establish the importance of the toilet system, different types of toilet systems are used in most homes. They include the flush toilet, Vault toilet, Pit toilet, Squat toilet and even chemical toilets. Virtually every home today has a particular type to serve its inhabitants.

It is not out-of-place to state that whenever sanitation is abused, its consequences are extensively hazardous. Human health is promoted through proper and thorough sanitation and when this is done, biological, physical and chemical agents of diseases are kept at arm’s length. Bacterial diseases and other deadly infections emanate from poor sanitation within and outside homes, including the toilets.

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Mtubatuba (meaning he who was pummelled out”) a town in Kwazulu -Natal, South Africa is currently facing a challenge with toilet system. The whole town has just “two” public toilet systems serving its entire populace. The town which is located near Lake St. Lucia and the Hluhluwa and Umfolozi Game Reserves officially became a village in 1950. It is notable for being a tourist center and for its provision of backdrop to the medley of rivers and fresh water. With just two toilets, one can’t help but wonder how lives and sanitation in general are being managed. A visitor, on seeing a long queue would never guess it is for the use of two partly-broken toilets.

These are the words of a source in the council

 “This whole town has only two working toilets. On the days that people are using those toilets, they have to queue outside – you would swear they were going to collect their pension. Once you have used the toilet, you are given a bucket of water to flush it. It’s a very embarrassing situation. The source also estimated the number of registered voters in the town to be 120 000”.

This is not healthy for residents, especially women. People in Mtubatuba do not only go through the plight of unhygienic disposal of waste products but also lack of other basic amenities. Also, the toilets might be closed down if there is drought as supply of water in the town is often hampered.

However, Msawakhe Mayisela of the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affair pleaded for the people to exercise a little patience and assured them that efforts are being put in place to restore hope for residents of Mtubatuba.

It is pertinent to note that the name Mtubatuba was formerly spelt “Matubatuba”, it is a zulu word, which means “creator of opportunities”.

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