UK, US Keen To Have Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Removed By Force – Mbeki


The former South African President Thabo Mbeki said the US and UK are fighting hard to see that Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe gets off the presidential seat to the extent that South African government had to send minister Lindiwe Sisulu to tell them to back off.

In one of his recent letters, Mbeki said the said plans to overthrow Mugabe were not just mere hearsay, but came “directly from what they communicated to a representative of our government”.

“There were others in the world, led particularly by the UK, who opposed our approach of encouraging the Zimbabweans to decide their future. These preferred regime change – the forcible removal of President Mugabe and his replacement by people approved by the UK and its allies,” wrote Mbeki.

Mbeki pointed out that in the period before the 2002 Zimbabwe Elections, the UK and the US in particular were very eager to effect the regime change and failing in a way to impose various conditions that will shorten the period of any Mugabe Presidency

“Our then Minister of Intelligence, Lindiwe Sisulu, had to make a number of trips to London and Washington to engage the UK and US governments on their plans for Zimbabwe, with strict instructions from our government to resist all plans to impose anything on the people of Zimbabwe, including by military means.” he added.

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Furthermore in his revelation, Mbeki said in November 11, 2007, the UK’s Independent reported that during its interview with Lord Guthrie, former Chief of Defence Staff of the UK armed forces, it learnt that “astonishingly, the subjects discussed with Prime Minister Tony Blair included invading Zimbabwe”. Guthrie had reportedly warned against it.

He said that over the years  Zanu-PF took it as responsibility to contribute to the victory of South Africa’s struggle against apartheid and to rebuild the country And in the same way, the ANC felt the same about removing colonialism in Zimbabwe and helping reconstruct that country.

“Throughout these years we defended the right of the people of Zimbabwe to determine their destiny, including deciding on who should govern the country. This included resisting all efforts to impose other people’s solutions on Zimbabwe, which, if this had succeeded, would have served as a precursor for a similar intervention in our country!”

However, the Zimbabwean president seemed not to be willing to give in to pressure forcing him to resign as president. In one of his speeches, Mugabe reiterated that he would continue to be the president until his “creator says come”.

In addition to this, his wife, Grace said if it would take her to push him on the wheel to keep him as the president, she would do it. Mugabe,who just celebrated his 92nd birthday has ruled Zimbabwe for 36 years and still plans to run for the 2018 election. He is currently the world’s oldest leader.

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