Will This Go On Forever? Two Nigerian Nationals Busted With Drugs At Cape Town Airport


BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that two Nigerian nationals have been arrested at the Cape Town International Airport for possessing cocaine valued to worth over R700 000.

Confirming this, the Western Cape police related that the Nigerians were apprehended in two separate instances following a random stop-and-search operation conducted by the Police at the domestic arrivals unit of the airport.

Captain Van Wyk narrated that five small packets wrapped in black pieces of plastic and concealed in a pair of socks were discovered in a woman’s bag.

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“When police members unwrapped the packets they found white powder in the small see-through plastic packets. When they asked the suspect about the substances she explained that she is using the substances which is known to her as the drug cocaine.

Prior to searching the suspect, when she was asked to declare anything, she said nothing and when she was asked if she is aware of every item in her bag, she agreed and said that she had packed her bag herself.

Members decided to physically search the suspect further and discovered more cocaine in about 11 packets wrapped in black pieces of plastic. The packets were concealed in various parts of her body and also inside her shoes,” Van Wyk narrated.

Wyk said the 29-year-old woman was arrested and would appear in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court soon.

Before that, a Nigerian man was arrested at same unit for being in possession of substance believed to be cocaine. The 31-year old man was nabbed after he tried to escape with a Suitcase while police officers were “doing profiling”.

He was approached and the suitcase searched. The search revealed a hidden compartment with 22 plastic bags containing “suspicious white substance”

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Wyk said SAPS K9 unit was called and a sniffer dog reacted positively to the substance. The man was arrested and “the weight of the substance is estimated to be 2.36kg with a street value of approximately R708 000.

The suspect was detained and is due to appear in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court soon, Wyk divulged.