TV Personality Ntando Duma On Losing Her Virginity And Getting Pregnant


Actress and TV personality Ntando Duma is now visibly pregnant with her first child.

When Duma hinted that she is pregnant earlier this year, we all thought she was just copying Beyoncé’s style of revealing that she’s pregnant with twins in February.

Nevertheless, it has turned out that the local star who is dating musician Junior De Rocka wasn’t trying to be funny. In fact, she has been flaunting her growing baby bump proudly.

In a video posted on a gossip site,, Duma said she decided to share the news because of Mother’s Day.

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“I’m really excited. You can even tell by the skin‚ the glow, the lifestyle… we’re excited. She’s kicking as we speak.”

Personality Ntando Duma

This morning, Duma was a guest on Metro FM on The Fresh Breakfast where she opened up about a lot of things going on in her life.

During the chat on the breakfast show, the presenter and actress spoke about the backlash she has received following news of her pregnancy. She also revealed details about losing her virginity.

When Fresh Breakfast sports presenter Mpho asked her about the backlash that she received following the recent announcement of her pregnancy so soon after her Umemulo (coming of age ceremony) in October 2016, Duma said she was actually a virgin during the ceremony. She added that she only lost her virginity the next day after coming of age.

After discovering that she’s pregnant, TV personality Ntando Duma was initially scared of how people would react since it’s coming so soon. However, she decided to take things as they come.

The 21-year-old model revealed that she’s expecting a girl and that her major pregnancy craving at the moment is bananas. She says she can eat up to 7 of them a day. Again, it seems she’s not gotten used to the challenges of being pregnant as the interview on The Fresh Breakfast which was supposed to take place on Wednesday was cancelled due to Duma’s morning sickness.