Tshwane ANC Chaos Inspires Massive Looting Of Foreign Owned Shops In Atteridgeville


Tshwane ANC chaos continues, not fewer than ten buses were torched last night. And, the destruction has been extended to foreigners residing in Atteridgeville township.

Reports have it that the protesters targeted foreign-owned shops in the area and massively looted them.

Commenting on the violent protest, an ANC Tshwane branch leader related that the destruction experienced would’ve been avoided if ANC leadership listened to the people.

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“The ANC did not listen to the community. The current sitting mayor is loved by the people and that is a reality…(the) decision to bring in somebody from somewhere is hurting them inside because Kgosientso was a people’s mayor; he was able to communicate directly to the people. They feel betrayed. We tried to communicate this yesterday at the Showgrounds, but they never listened to us, the branches,” the branch leader reportedly stated.

Fair enough, the people reserve the right to express their dissatisfaction. That however, shouldn’t in anyway hamper the peaceful existence of others.

Everything is wrong with the looting of these foreign-owned shops. Wasn’t the protest about ANC’s mayoral candidate for Tswhane? What business does that have with foreign-owned shops in Atteridgeville?

Anyway, our government as expected, condemned “in the strongest terms” the violence and destruction of property in Tshwane ANC chaos.

It appealed for calm and the peaceful resolution of differences.

Speaking, the Acting Director-General of  Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) Donald Liphoko pointed out that “there can be no issue which cannot be resolved through democratic processes and dialogue. Members of the public are encouraged to use channels available to raise their concerns.

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Whilst all South Africans have the constitutional right to protest, government reiterates its condemnation against any form of violence and intimidation during protests and encourages continued dialogue to resolve differences,” Liphoko added.

The protesters were as such, warned that violence, damage to property and infringing on others rights and free movement will not be tolerated by law enforcement agencies.