Trolls Target AKA’s Body, Tell Him To Hit The Gym


AKA’s body has become a subject for debate after the Poor rapper shared a video of himself dancing in a pool while on holiday with his girlfriend Bonang Matheba.

The Now Congratulate Me hit maker is living that guaped up life in a private villa in Thailand and was generous with snaps.

But just when he thought that he had it all, trolls attacked him over the state of his physique.

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AKA shared this video of his holiday moments on social media;


A post shared by AKA (@akaworldwide) on

And though fans hailed him for taking time off the hustle to relax, some trolls threw some massive shades on the rapper’s body. AKA, who often posted pictures in his quest for fitness, was accused of working out only when the camera is rolling.

Trolls took to the comments section of the post to scrutinise AKA’s body, urging the star to hit the gym.

Here are some of the comments;

“When you only work out when the camera is on, that’s the kind of chest you end up with,” wrote one follower.

“I think you should start some gym,” said a user who targeted the rapper’s bubbly boobs.

AKA's Body

Nevertheless, devoted fans of the star stood by him, saying he looks just fine.

One fan wrote;

“Ladies, not every guy needs the gym. It’s the same as not every woman should get a boob job but some do, let the guy be.”

This is not the first time that AKA’s weight has been criticised while on holiday.

AKA’s body has been criticised in the past. The rapper made headlines in 2015 after trolls criticised him for being overweight while on vacation with his ex-girlfriend, DJ Zinhle.

Notwithstanding, the star has maintained that nothing people say on social media will change the fact that he is a “very blessed”, talented and handsome man.