Awesome! Trevor Noah’s Book Scores Bestseller List In America


Drum rolls please….Trevor Noah’s book is now sitting comfortably on the New York Bestseller list.

South Africa is really proud of the comedian, who is one of its most popular celebrities in diaspora. From achieving a whole new level of success as host of The Daily Show, Trevor now has a book which is rated as a bestseller in America.

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The book which is titled “Born a Crime” is about his childhood and growing up during the last days of Apartheid. In the book, Noah opens up about the story of his life. Though we can’t imagine any of it from what he looks like presently, he actually grew up in poverty.

In other words, his journey to stardom wasn’t served on a platter of gold. But first, it all started with being born to a black mother and white father. Now, that sounds like the kind of union that culminates into a crime in the apartheid-era South Africa.

Under apartheid in South Africa, interracial couples who engaged in sexual relations could be punished by the law. And we are talking years-long prison sentences. Again, biracial children like Noah could be taken away from their parents. Thus, Noah spent most part of his early life in hiding.

Apparently, that was where the inspiration for the title “Born a Crime” came from.

Judging from his statement during a recent interview with E!, Trevor Noah’s book helped him recall how he got where he is in life today.

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“I think writing the book made me appreciate everything even more because sometimes you forget where you’ve come from, sometimes you forget how far you’ve come and you get caught up in literal first world problems.”

Trevor Noah’s book and biography was released earlier this month in America. So far, the booking is making waves and Noah though it wise to say thank you.