Trevor Noah Responds To Critics Over Exorbitant Show Tickets


Trevor Noah is back in South Africa and the comedian is not ready to leave without putting up a show or two for his numerous fans.

While South Africa is bubbling with excitement over the Daily Show host’s show dubbed There’s a Gupta on My Stoep, some critics, however, have slammed the elaborate price tag on the tickets for the show. Notably, the prices range from R450 to R1,400.

Speaking at a press conference by M-Net on Thursday the funnyman said that while he admits that the cost of tickets is expensive, he believes South Africans need to put more value on the local celebs.

“We have to learn to value our own. I wanted to come back to SA and perform for as many of my fans as possible. In the time that was allocated to me and the venues that are available, the Dome is where I could do that. I was in a place where I had to put together a show. A great show. Not just a good show. I want it to look good. I want it to sound good.”

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Trevor referred to rapper Cassper Nyovest who succeeded in filling up the Done but mentioned that the cost of putting a show together is actually high.

“I remember when Cassper did Fill Up The Dome and he said ‘you can sell out the Dome and still lose money.’ I didn’t understand what he fully meant at the time, but I do now. It’s an extremely expensive venue. It’s the cost of doing business.”

Though he admits the price is on the high side, Trevor lamented on the fact that South Africans are never willing to pay for local talent. However, when an international act shows up, they fork out thousands of rand to see them.

“Is it expensive? Definitely. Would I do it again? Probably not. But I will say I am enjoying that we are making history. In South Africa, for a long time, we’ve had that attitude of ‘these tickets are expensive’…for a South African. And yet for an international, I don’t see anybody complaining about the price of their tickets when it’s four thousand, five thousand rand.”

Furthermore, Trevor Noah emphasized that his show is not a one man show, thus, he has some other acts that will get paid. Besides, he promises to make it worth the while for his fans as he plans to give local audiences the same quality show that he presents overseas.