Taxi Drivers Threaten Court Action If Minister Of Transport Is Not Removed


Based on the conditions that prompted the peaceful march today, the National Taxi Alliance (NTA) has come to the conclusion that Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi does not have the best interest of taxi drivers at heart.

Consequently, the alliance has called on President Jacob Zuma to fire the minister with immediate effect on the basis that he has shown he doesn’t care about taxi drivers or their needs.

Earlier today, thousands of taxi drivers marched to Maswanganyi’s offices and the Union Buildings demanding action from the government. The drivers resolved to march to the Union Buildings as well because they believe that the Presidency is responsible for placing these ministers in office.


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The NTA asserted that the minister has failed to execute his duties. Thus, he must be removed.

“Minister Maswanganyi has failed to do his job. Therefore, we are demanding his removal.”

National Taxi Alliance (NTA) president Francis Matsitsa told more than a thousand taxi drivers and operators gathered at the department of transport in Pretoria central that Maswanganyi’s days are numbered, just like several individuals who preceded him.

“You need to stop playing games with the taxi industry. We are the taxi industry, and we are not going anywhere. You can hope and wish the taxi industry will disappear, but it will never disappear. We have seen several ministers serve in your position,” said Matsitsa.

“You will one day regret having ignored the NTA. All of them [previous ministers] have been fired in their numbers, and you will face the same thing. We can assure you that you will not see us in the same way again. Rest assured, many more ministers are coming after you.”

Maswanganyi is not the only minister who was lambasted by the alliance as Police Minister Fikile Mbalula also received a message while handing over its memorandum at the Union Buildings.

“Our Minister of Police who is so good on Twitter, he must use those tweets to arrest people who are killing people in the taxi industry.”

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Also, the alliance urged Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba to find ways to subsidise the taxi industry to ensure that drivers can make a living out of it.

After making their demands known, the NTA gave the government 21 days to respond to its grievances or both parties would have to battle it out in the Constitutional Court.