Chaos Over Three ANC Leaders Assassinated In 48 Hours


The trauma that ensued from the tragedy of three ANC leaders assassinated within 48 hours is still fresh in the minds of KwaZulu-Natal party members.

In the most recent tragedy that befell the ruling party, ANC branch chairman Nathi Hlongwa was shot dead on Wednesday afternoon‚ soon after leaving a meeting in Mbali township‚ Pietermaritzburg.

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Also in Pietermaritzburg the day before that‚ 39-year-old Simo Mncwabe who had previously resigned as Mooi Mpofana municipality chief financial officer on Monday was shot dead right in front of his children while he was taking them to school in Edendal.

Again, halfway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg‚ and between Monday and Tuesday, a third ANC member‚ identified as Makhathini‚ was murdered at Inchanga.

“In the last two days‚ three comrades have been gunned down. We see this is an attempt to instill fear so that we will be paralysed by such senseless killings and stay away from campaigning‚” said ANC provincial spokesman Mdumiseni Ntuli on Thursday.

Without pointing fingers regarding the murders, Ntuli did not rule out the fact that the attacks could be a result of internal politics.

“It’s very difficult to speculate at the moment about whether it is internal or if it’s external from other parties…because that can inflame a dangerous attitude and lead to a very bad situation‚” said Ntuli.

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Ntuli mentioned that from all indications, it was clear that the three ANC leaders assassinated were targeted for the hits.

For the fact that Hlongwa‚ who was the branch chairman at ward 12 in Edendale‚ was shot multiple times‚ shows that it “was an assassination of some sort,“ he said.

“What worries us is that there seems to be a consistent pattern of how our comrades are being targeted. We are depending on law enforcement agencies to shed some light on developments‚” he added.