Update On Thembisile Yende’s Brutal Murder: 6 Quick Facts


It’s quite obvious that whoever murdered Eskom employee Thembisile Yende had the power to access the CCTV footage

Thembisile, 30, went missing on May 17 and was found dead 10 days later in her office at the power utility’s substation in Springs on Gauteng’s East Rand.

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On the day she died, she had parked her car in the company’s parking bay and was subsequently picked by the camera entering her office. However, other incidents surrounding her untimely death was not picked as the camera was switched off.

And for nearly two weeks, the company could not account for her absence despite the presence of her car at the office parking bay.

A strong sour smell coming from the corridor near her office led to the discovery of her decomposing body by her colleagues.

Yesterday, the police disclosed that the post-mortem results revealed that the Eskom employee suffered serious injuries to the head and neck, and was suffocated before she died.

Yende’s family expressed with the postmortem results, adding that her death now confirms their suspicion that there could have been foul play in her murder.

Her brother, Mboneni Yende lamented:

“We don’t have any words to explain how we feel because Thembisile kept on complaining about her safety. If she had committed suicide we would accept her death and try to move on with our lives, but now we can’t.”

“Correct procedures were not followed to help find my sister and the private investigator appointed didn’t even speak to the family. A lot of people are now coming forward to speak-out about not being safe at work, at Eskom.

Did my sister have to die for Eskom to listen to the employees grievances about their safety in the work environment? We still want answers from Eskom and will fight until her killer or killers are found and behind bars.”

Meawhile, the police’s Kay Makhubela promised that they will be working with Eskom in their murder investigation.

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He also called on anyone with relevant information to come forward so the suspects will be arrested.

  • A missing report on Thembisile Yende was filed at Duduza Police Station on May 17.
  • The case has been changed from inquest to murder.
  • Initially, police suspected the young woman may have committed suicide as a bottle of pills and a note were found next to the body. But the post-mortem result showed was murdered.
  • At the time of her death, Thembisile Yende is said to be due for a promotion at work, according to reports making the rounds.
  • She is from KwaThema, a township southwest of Springs on the East Rand in Gauteng.
  • She was laid to rest on Saturday, June 3.

The recent spate in the brutal killing of women in the country is upsetting and the perceived entitlement over women’s bodies, describing men as subjects and women as objects have not been helpful either.

The epidemic of male-perpetrated violence that is gradually taking over the country targets women and children. Last month, the hashtag #MenAreTrash dominated the social media following the death of Karabo Mokoena, who was murdered and burned by her 27-year-old lover.

South Africa’s murder rate is 34 per 100,000 people, according to data released by police last year. This rate is almost seven times the rate in the United States.

The list of women and children that have died ever since then keeps increasing with the passing of each day. Indeed, government, schools, religious bodies and NGOs all have a role to play to stop this outrageous act and the time is now.