The Richest List Released: Here Are South Africa’s Top Billionaires


The King has been dethroned. With the recent release of Forbes 2015 list of Africa’s 50 richest, Nicky Oppenheimer is now the richest man in South Africa with a net worth of $6.6 billion. The list equally revealed that many of the richest guys in Africa are from South Africa. Yes, South Africa has more citizens on the list than any other country in Africa, and is ahead of Nigeria that had most of its citizens on the list in 2014. However, the Nigerian tycoon, Aliko Dangote is still by far the richest being on the continent with an overwhelming net worth of $16.7 billion, approximately $10 billion richer than Nicky Oppenheimer, the second man on the list.

As found, South Africa dominates with 16 spots on the Forbes 2015 list of the top 50 richest Africans, more than any other country in the continent. These 16 are the richest people in South Africa:

  1. Nickey Oppenheimer
  2. Christoffel Wiese
  3. Johann Rupert

The list spots six (6) billionaires and ten (10) millionaires; two (2) blacks and fourteen (14) whites. Check out the full list and their net-assets below

16. Giovanni Ravazzotti

Net-worth: $330 million

Position: SA – 16th; Africa – 49th

Giovanni Ravazzotti

Giovanni Ravazzotti founded Italtile in 1969 to import and retail ceramic tiles. He’s a non executive Chairman of Ceramic Industry Limited which is known in South Africa as a leading outlet manufacturing ceramic tiles and china sanitary wares. Giovanni as a self-made millionaire who got his wealth from ceramics and tile has maintained dual South African and Italian citizenship.

15. Markus Jooste

Net-worth: $400 million

Position: SA – 15th; Africa – 46th


Markus Jooste got his wealth from furniture retailing. As a renowned patron of South African horse racing, Jooste is the chief executive of furniture manufacturer retailer – Steinhoff International. Profiling Jooste, Forbes related that Jooste is the most traveled businessman in South Africa…and that his Johannesburg-listed company sells furniture in Europe, the Pacific Rim and southern Africa with 55,000 employees.

14. Gus Attridge

Net-worth: $410 million

Position: SA – 14th; Africa – 45th


Michael Guy Attridge, commonly known as Gus Attridge co-founded Aspen Pharmacare in 1997 with Stephen Saad, and is the deputy chief executive officer of the establishment that manufactures drugs in countries like Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, South Africa and Tanzania. Attridge’s 4% personal stake in the publicly traded South African firm was once valued for over $320 million.

13. Gerrit Thomas Ferreira

Net-worth: $420 million

Position: SA – 13th; Africa – 44th

GT Ferreira

GT Ferreira as a co-founder of Firstrand bank, is a self-made millionaire who got his wealth from the banking and insurance sector. RMI Holdings and RMB Holdings are the two listed subsidiaries of FirstRand, respectively representing the insurance and banking outlet where Ferreira is a non-executive chairman. The company presently operates allover Southern Africa and India.

12. Cyril Ramaphosa

Net-worth: $450 million

Position: SA – 12th; Africa – 42nd

Cyril Ramaphosa

Well, the present deputy president of South Africa is the 12th richest person in South Africa, and the 44nd in the whole of Africa. Mind you, politics didn’t earn him his wealth, he got most of his assets from investments. Aside founding the Shanduka Group company with investments in the energy, real estate, banking, insurance, telecoms and resource sectors, the deputy president is linked with many other prestigious business outlets.

11. Adrian Gore

Net-worth: $480 million

Position: SA – 11th; Africa – 41st

Adrian Gore

It’s known to all that Gore is a self-made millionaire who got his wealth from financial services. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Discovery Limited. Since the inception of Discovery in South Africa in 1992, the company has undoubtedly metamorphosed into a diversified multinational institution offering financial services. A report stated that discovery has “expanded its international reach to the United Kingdom, United States and Asia. It generates total income flows in excess of $5 billion and has over 8 000 employees globally serving seven million customers world-wide.” Gore is one of the youngest multi millionaires of Africa.

10. Raymond Ackerman

Net-worth: $500 million

Position: SA – 10th; Africa – 39th

Raymond Ackerman

The philanthropist, bought the Pick ‘n Pay supermarket group from its founder Jack Goldin, and was the chairman of the establishment until he steeped down in 2010. So, Raymond obviously got his wealth from retailing as Pick N Pay Group is well-known in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Australia for its chain of supermarket with about 870 stores. Raymond and his family currently own about 48% of Pick ‘n Pay’s stock.

9. Michiel Le Roux

Net-worth: $530 million

Position: SA – 9th; Africa – 38th

Michiel Le Roux

Michiel Le Roux got his wealth from the banking sector. He founded the Capitec Bank in South Africa in 2001, and is still chairs the establishment. Forbes reported that the bank with 474 branches and 3.2 million clients took the South African banking sector by storm, offering cheap transactional banking for the emerging middle class. And according to Bloomberg Business, Michiel “is connected to 2 Board Members in 2 different organizations across 3 different industries.”

8. Lauritz (Laurie) Dippenaar

Net-worth: $610 million

Position: SA – 8th; Africa – 35th

Lauritz Laurie Dippenaar

Like GT Ferreira. Dippenaar as a self-made multi millionaire got his wealth from the banking and the insurance sector. He cofounded Rand Consolidated Investing with GT Ferreira and Paul Harris which subsequently led to the emergence of FirstRand. Dippenaar is currently a non executive chairman of the outlet.

7. Jannie Mouton

Net-worth: $970 million

Position: SA – 7th; Africa – 24th


Jannie Mouton, also known as Buddha Buffett is the founder and chairman of PSG Group which is according to Forbes, “a listed investment holding company with interests in financial services, banking, private equity, agriculture and education.” As such its right to refer to Buddha Buffett as another South African self-made multi millionaire who earned his wealth from financial services.

So far, the richest multi millionaires of South Africa in 2015 are as presented above. The list however continues, highlighting the billionaires of the nation.

6. Patrice Motsepe

Net-worth: $1.05 billion

Position: SA – 6th; Africa – 22nd

Patrice Motsepe

Patrice Motsepe is the richest black South Africa, and is the 22nd richest man in Africa. Often referred to as a mining magnet, he founded and is the executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals known for its activities with gold, ferrous metals, base metals, and platinum. He’s also regarged as a philantrophist. thegaurdain once reported him saying; “I decided quite some time ago to give at least half of the funds generated by our family assets to uplift poor and other disadvantaged and marginalised South Africans…”

5. Stephen Saad

Net-worth: $1.2 billion

Position: SA – 5th; Africa – 20th

Stephen Saad

Stephen Saad co-founded Aspen Pharmacare with Gus Attridge in 1997, and is the chief executive officer of the establishment. The financial record of the outlet recently indicated a 46% increase in the revenues it generated from its international dealings. And as previously stated, Aspen Pharmacare manufactures drugs in countries like Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, South Africa and Tanzania.

4. Koos Bekker

Net-worth: $1.7 billion

Position: SA – 4th; Africa – 13th

Koos Bekker

Koos Bekker, often referred to as the brain behind Naspers, is the Chairman of the leading broad-based multinational internet and media group, offering services in more than 130 countries. It’s on record that Bekker’s tenure as the chief executive officer of Naspers saw the media establishment rose in market capitalization of from about $600 million to $45 billion. Naspers is listed on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges, and is said to have the largest market capitalization of any media company outside the US and China.

3. Johann Rupert

Net-worth: $6.3 billion

Position: SA – 3rd; Africa – 4th


Johann was raised in Stellenbosch in the western cape province of South Africa. He started his university education studying economics and law at the university of Stellenbosch and later had to drop out but the university later awarded him an honorary degree in economics. Rupert is an avid golfer, cricketer and conservationist, he deservedly served as the head of the South African PGA Tour and the South African Golf Development Board. He also founded the Franschhoek Motor Museum, which houses his personal collection of over 200 antique motor vehicles.

2. Christoffel Wiese

Net-worth: $6.5 billion

Position: SA – 2nd; Africa – 3rd

Christo Wiese

Wiese is a self-made billionaire who got his wealth from consumer retail. It was revealed that his net worth skyrocketed by more than $1 billion in the past 12 months. As the second most richest man in South Africa, Wiese is probably best known for his investments at Shoprite Holdings owning supermarkets,  furniture stores and fast food outlets in 15 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. He’s as well an independent Non-Executive Director at Steinhoff International Holdings Limited, a Non-Executive Chairman of Invicta Holdings Limited, and the Chairman of Pepkor.

1. Nicky Oppenheimer

Net-worth: $6.6 billion

Position: SA – 1st; Africa – 2nd

Nicky O.

The richest man in South Africa for the year got his wealth from diamonds. But we can’t say he’s a self-made billionaire as he inherited his family’s stake in diamond from DeBeers. The Oppenheimer family have occupied a controlling spot in the world’s diamond trade for about 85 years. Nicky was once the Chairman of De Beers diamond mining company and of its subsidiary, the Diamond Trading Company, and was the Deputy Chairman of the Anglo-American Corporation.

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