The Queen Actors and their Salaries Per Month

The Queen, a South African telenovela, featured A-list actors in the country who earned incredible salaries before it was canceled by Mzansi Magic.

Produced by Ferguson Films, The Queen’s major actors include veteran actors Connie and Shona Ferguson, as well as Thembsie Matu and Loyiso McDonald. The popular soapie ran for seven seasons and at 260 episodes per season, except for the shortened seventh season, which ran for 125 episodes. The season finale aired on Mzansi Magic on January 13th, 2023, and The Queen’s major actors reportedly took home substantial fortune, having starred on the show for several months or years.

Who Is the Highest Paid Actor on The Queen?

As the producers of the award-winning soapie, Connie Ferguson and her late husband were said to be the highest-paid actors on The Queen. At the time of his death, Shona‘s salary was not known; however, his wife, Connie, was reported to be earning a salary north of R100,000 per month. And this made her the highest-paid actor on The Queen.

The talented actress played the iconic role of Harriet Khoza in the soap opera. And featured for the seven seasons the show lasted. Also known as “The Queen”, Harriet took over the reins of the Khoza dynasty following the demise of her husband. Though determined to protect herself and her family from opposition, the Khoza’s world was turned upside down as the show progressed due to the introduction of new lethal and ambitious enemies.

Salaries of Major Actors on The Queen

1. Shona Ferguson

  • Salary per month: Not known

From seasons one to four, Shona Ferguson played the main role of Captain Jeremiah “Jerry” Maake on The Queen. He was the husband of Vuyiswa Jola, and the couple was bent on bringing down the Khoza family but failed. Even though Captain Maake believed Harriet Khoza killed his son and was determined to bring her organization down, he died saving her as he shielded her from gunshots.

2. Rapulana Seiphemo

  • Salary per month: R120,000 to R135,000

Rapulana Seiphemo joined The Queen in the fourth season in a guest role, playing Colonel Hector Sebata. He then became a main cast in season five and debuted as Harriet’s drug partner. The two later got married in the sixth season. However, after Harriet Khoza realized that Hector was cheating on her with his wife, Vuyiswa, she hired a hitman who killed him.

Seiphemo was said to have earned between R120,000 and R135,000 for playing a main role in The Queen.

3. Jessica Nkosi

  • Salary per month: R45,000 to R50,000

Even though Jessica Nkosi‘s lead character, Thando Sebata, was supposed to stay on the show till the last season, she opted to leave The Queen in the sixth season due to personal reasons. And Nkosi’s salary was allegedly from R45,000 to R50,000 per month. Despite her brief stint in the soapie, the actress became more famous for her villain role of Thando Sebata – a powerful drug heiress and trained assassin who ran the drug empire of her family.

4. Loyiso McDonald

  • Salary per month: R30,000 to R35,000

Loyiso McDonald (Kagiso “Muscle Man” Melusi Khoza) was a longtime star on The Queen as he had a main role from season one to season five and then played a recurring role in the sixth and final seasons. He reportedly took home a monthly salary of R30,000 to R35,000 before getting demoted to a recurring cast. In The Queen, Kagiso was the youngest child of Harriet Khoza. And was married to Goodness Mabuza.

5. Themba Ndaba

  • Salary per month: R30,000 to R35,000
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As the lead male character in The Queen, Themba Ndaba‘s salary per month was said to be between R30,000 and R35,000. He portrayed the character of Uncle Brutus Mfanafuthi Khoza, Harriet’s brother-in-law. Before leaving the drug business, he and Harriet were the leaders of “The Big 5” controlled by SA’s biggest cocaine territory. Themba Ndaba featured in the soapie from season one to season seven.

6. Brenda Ngxoli

  • Salary per month: R40,000 to R50,000

The Queen‘s Noma Princess Matshikiza was played by veteran actress Brenda Ngxoli. Having scored a main role in the fifth and sixth seasons of the show, Brenda allegedly pocketed a salary of R40,000 to R50,000. She was cast as Harriet Khoza’s friend from the past who went undercover to pose as a buyer from Thando.

7. Thembsie Matu

  • Salary per month: R20,000 to R25,000

Patronella Zulu, played by Thembsie Matu, first appeared in a recurring role in The Queen in season 2. She then got promoted to the main cast in the third season till the sixth season. And in the seventh and final season of the show, she was returned to a recurring role. Thembsie’s salary in The Queen was said to be from R20,000 to R25,000.

8. Zenade Mfenyana

  • Salary per month: R33,000 to R37,000

For her role as Goodness Mabuza, Zenade Mfenyana reportedly earned between R33,000 and R37,000 monthly.  In 2014, she made the news as she was fired from Generations for revealing her monthly salary to the public. In The Queen, she portrayed the character of Kagiso Khoza’s wife and the daughter of Gracious Mabuza (Rami Chuene).

9. Ntando Duma

  • Salary per month: R40,000 to R50,000

Mpho Sebata, played by Ntando Duma, was the youngest daughter of Hector Sebata and Thando’s younger sister. She debuted in The Queen as a main cast in the fifth season and left the show in the same season. Duma’s character was killed by the Khozas at her father’s 50th birthday celebration. The actress reportedly earned a salary of R40,000 to R50,000 for her brief appearances in the series.

10. Zandile Msutwana

  • Salary per month: R25,000 to R30,000

Vuyiswa Jola, portrayed by Zandile Msutwana, made her debut in The Queen in the first season and was allegedly paid a salary of R25,000 to R30,000 per month. She was the police Lieutenant of Tembisa Police Station, and her character was written out in the sixth season of the show. Meanwhile, in April 2021, she suffered an injury on set and, thus, was temporarily replaced by famed media personality Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo. She rejoined The Queen cast after recovering at home.

11. Sthembiso “SK” Khoza

  • Salary per month: R30,000 to R35,000

Sthembiso Khoza was cast as Shaka Khoza, the oldest son of Mzi Khoza (Harriet’s husband) in The Queen. While he played a main role from season one to season six, he joined the recurring cast in the seventh season. Sthembiso’s salary was said to be between R30,000 and R35,000 monthly.

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