Jessica Nkosi Kept Her Romance with Baby Daddy T.K Dlamini Secret – A Look at Their Life Together

Somewhere in the minds of many South Africans, there was always the knack to find out the kind of man Jessica Nkosi was dating, having kept her relationship secret in the beginning; if she would find as complete a man as she is. In 2018, it emerged that she was in a relationship with none other than Uzalo’s Mastermind, T.K Dlamini, a man many felt was worth it in almost every sense.

Beyond just being in a relationship, the super hot couple was at the time, expecting their first child when the news broke that they were dating each other. Because of this and the fact that both the Isibaya actress and Uzalo actor were known to be notoriously private, there arose questions and suspicions on whether they were married but decided to keep it all under wraps. Unfortunately, their relationship soon ended after Nkosi found out that her baby daddy was cheating on her with another woman.

At the moment, there have been rumors that the two have probably found their ways back to each other’s arms after Dlamini shared a video on Instagram where he was seen dancing with Nkosi. With the many questions surrounding their relationship, fans are trying to understand where they really stand as a couple since they usually don’t open up about their relationship.

Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini Confirmed They Were Dating In 2018 After Many Speculations

The first time it came to public knowledge that Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini might be dating was in 2018 when Nkosi was pregnant. For a while, she kept the pregnancy away from the public even as speculations continued as to whether she was pregnant, and who the baby daddy child could be.

The actress later addressed all that in an interview where she confirmed she was truly with a baby and the father was the beloved Uzalo actor, TK Dlamini. She apologized to her fans for keeping them in the dark about her pregnancy and revealed she only wanted to have a quiet relationship with her beau whom she was deeply in love with. While it is not known how or when exactly they started dating, some reports have it that they started their relationship back in 2017.

In September 2018, the couple welcomed their first child together following the birth of their daughter, Namisa Dlamini. They both took to their Instagram accounts to celebrate the birth of their young angel while also celebrating their young family of 3.

They Were Never Married

To the idea and belief in some quarters that the two lovers were married before they parted ways, this seems very unlikely. Among the reasons many had come to believe they were probably married was a picture of the two in which they were seen wearing bands on their ring fingers back in 2018.

However, nothing official came from the duo as regards that picture and what it signified, and there has been no official records anywhere that they have ever been secretly married, or at least to the knowledge of the public. When the news of the alleged marriage first broke, many celebrities were shocked while others pulled some humor from the news.

Doubts about the alleged marriage were echoed by the fact that apart from a few pictures where they were sighted with bands, they were hardly seen wearing any. Also, when Jessica was announcing that she was leaving the actor, she described him as the father of her daughter and not her husband or fiance, which was a pointer to the fact that they were never married.

The Actress Was Once Rumored To Be Engaged to Khaya Mthethwa 

Jessica Nkosi
Jessica Nkosi, Nomzamo Mbatha, and Khaya Mthethwa (Image Source)

This was not the first time that the name of Jessica Nkosi would be mentioned in relation to being headed for marriage or at least, being engaged. She was once linked to South African singer-songwriter and musician, Khaya Mthethwa. It was rumored that the two started dating after Jessica snatched him from her Isibaya co-star, Nomzamo Mbatha, causing a rift between them.

According to reports, the singer and Nomzamo were engaged sometime in 2015, but the actress called off the engagement after she found damning messages between Mthethwa and Nkosi, both of whom insisted they had been friends for a while, and there was nothing wrong with that.

The rumors later began that Jessia and the singer were engaged and set to walk down the aisle. The actress did not comment on this, but Khaya denied it, saying whenever he heard the rumor, he would call the actress, and then they would have a good laugh about it.

Jessica Nkosi Broke Up With Dlamini Due To Infidelity

In July 2019, only a few months after the birth of their daughter, news began making rounds that Dlamini and his baby mama had parted ways. The news started when the two actors were said to have attended the Vodacom Durban July separately.

When the news started getting all the buzz, Dlamini was forced to deny the claims, insisting that the actress did not even attend the event as she had something else planned for the day, insisting there was nothing going wrong with them as a couple. He also revealed that they were together watching a movie when he got a text message asking him if the news was true. They read the message together and continued watching the movie. He described it as nothing short of hogwash.

In a rather shocking turn of events, Jessica Nkosi would, only a month later, take to her Instagram to reveal that she had parted ways with her previous lover. She revealed that he cheated on her with another woman, before going on to tell the said woman to continue seeing him without hiding as she was now out of the way.

Although the name of the girl the actor was allegedly cheating with was given as Bongekile Khumalo, an Instagram model, Dlamini would later deny the claims in a tweet, saying the accusations were false.

It Seems They Are Now Back Together

Jessica Nkosi
Nkosi and Dlamini (Image Source)

After Nkosi took to social media to announce that she had broken up with Dlamini, she got a long line of supporters behind her, who sympathized with her over the betrayal she got from her baby daddy. By November 2019, the fans were left feeling betrayed and shocked when news started flying around that the two love birds were back to their nest.

The rumor was triggered by none other than Dlamini who took to his Instagram story to share a video of himself and Jessica who at the time was still believed to be his ex, dancing and having a swell time at the AKA Orchestra eThekwini concert. Since the video, neither of them has come out to either confirm if they are now back as an item or not.

Another clue that fans of the duo had rekindled their love was spotted on their social media accounts when they both shared videos from the Rugby World Cup game between South Africa and England. What was interesting about the videos was that Jessica and T.K shared the videos at the same time and from the videos, it was clear that they were watching from the same TV; too much for a coincidence.

For the 2nd birthday of their daughter, Nkosi and Dlamini came together to throw an amazing party for their bundle of joy. More so, the actress also threw a surprise birthday for Dlamini with flowers, a birthday cake, and Gucci gift. The video of the birthday presents was uploaded by Dlamini on his Instagram, where he was thanking his “1st Team Jess and Nami Dlamini.” He has since deleted the video.

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